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    Wrestling room art work

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    Moves and Transfers

    Actually, I said a divorce was more likely than the explanation that your house was completely destroyed at that point of the storm. It was an example of probabilities, an exaggeration to make the point that neither were likely possible. As it turns out, I was right. The original post insinuated your home had already been destroyed and you were transferring back to HH. I was simply making a point to make a point. Sorry if everyone missed that. Not having a clue who you or your family is personally only should have made it more obvious of the point I was making. Next time I'll use flying monkeys as an example and my point will be the same and just as accurate. So just to be clear and not defensive. My post was never meant to infer anything about your family. I was merely trying to make a point about how ludicrous the original post indicating your home had already been destroyed at the time it was made. Had that post come a week later, I wouldn't have questioned it. It was all about challenging someone that was spreading rumors and the stupidity of the timing of the info in said rumors. Sorry if it struck you the wrong way. Good luck in NC
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    Wrestler Profile Pictures

    We have opened up the ability to upload a profile picture for your favorite wrestlers on here. Go to the wrestler's profile and hit edit. Make sure your keep the picture appropriate as due to our awesome search engine optimization when you search Indiana wrestlers our link is always one of the top links. College coaches, parents, grandparents, future ex-wives, etc all will see the picture that is uploaded. Go to Homepage->Wrestlers and then search or find your wrestler. You can also access them through the rankings tabs.
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    Wrestler Profile Pictures

    I think refs need to wear more V-necks!
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    Wrestling room art work

    Madison just got a nice make over from recent graduate Otto Kling!
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    No one can compare to this, you are all battling for second place
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    Is that multiple coaches or just one trend setting assistant coach?
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    I can't believe this is happening. Let's go over a couple of facts here. Welchs leave Purdue with stubble for hair. They join the most attractive coaching staff in the Midwest at Carmel. They leave and are now bald. Humm? Our new staff has bald, hillbilly bowl, Clooney salt and pepper, afro, ginger and mullet. Can anyone really even try to top that?
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    Jacob Moran of Portage commits to

    Congratulations to Jacob Moran from Portage for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 125. View full signing
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    Has IndianaMat recently added an online dating page too?
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    Ever wonder who...

    You can copy it into a spreadsheet and manipulate it how you wish. Bloomington South(formerly Bloomington) is the runaway leader in almost everything.
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    Moves and Transfers

    Exactly, we should all want our kids to do better than us, to have a better life. What I am talking about is parents pushing their own dreams on their kids because they did not accomplish their own goals for one excuse or another, but that is another topic and not the purpose of this thread. Sorry, if I got off topic. Good luck this season.

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