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    Rudis shoes

    Little Bs are in! Won't at IHPO though, still has a few years!
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    We are excited to have Indiana Native and new IU Coach Mike Dixon at our practice room tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 6th 6:45-8:15. Carmel High School 520 E Main St. Carmel, IN 46033 Please enter door 21 and wrestling room is upstairs behind the Freshman Gym. We'd like to invite anyone with a current USA Card to come workout with us! Please contact us if you have any questions. ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org
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    IHPO Predictions

    I predict the winner will eat 72 pancakes in 8 min. Oh wait that’s the other contest at a different location down the street.
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    IHPO Predictions

    My predictions are as follows 1. There will be at least 5 guys who everyone wonders "where they came from" 2. At least one Avon parent will get kicked out 3. The tournament will be complete by 6:30pm 4. People will start showing up at 3pm asking to weigh-in early. 5. The General will have the best legs at the tournament.
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    IHPO Predictions

    I predict that I will be crushing a steak at cork and cleaver Saturday night. I also predict that the Czar of running tournaments (Mark Durham) will be making sure that things run smooth. Carson Brewer, Trae (Roy) Reynolds, and Jaden Reynolds are making the trip to Super 32.
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    The home duals have a greater attendance rate than basketball games. The youth program has been strong for quite a few years, too. Nice to be able to consider "staying home" vs. going elsewhere... Also, the new weight room directly beneath the wrestling room is quite impressive...
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    Ed Pendoski

    An Idea to Think About.

    Here's a thought that hit my brain a couple years ago and I'd like to know what other's think. When a kid transfers school there's almost always three sides of the equation. Parents say, "The IHSAA should let a family do what's best for the kid" and if the school a kid leaves decides to protest, they're quick to say "that move was for an athletic transfer which is not allowed". The school that receives the transfer says, "What am I supposed to do if a kid just showes up?" My thought here isn't touching any of those statements. We've all heard enough on Indianamat about this. Here's my thought that I'd like to know what others think...... What is going to happen to wrestling in the long run as a whole if the number of state placing transfers continues? Is wrestling going to become similar to gymnastics over time? How are the small school/weaker programs going to keep up numbers of participants and quality of participants? What about coaching at a smaller/weaker program? Wouldn't it be more attractive place to coach if a potential state qualifier was in the room? Here is gymnastics program from last year: http://www.ihsaa.org/portals/0/Flip Book/2017-18/gym/index.html#?page=8 If we continue on the growth in number of transfers, what happens to the smaller/weaker schools? How long before the smaller/weaker schools start to drop the sport. Once that starts happening, I'm concerned it will happen with other schools quickly. Are the number of forfeits from 1a schools increasing or decreasing in the past 5 years? What happens when a school has 5 guys on a team, and no one to coach them? I'm the Lorax. I speak for the trees. Are we ruining the future of Indiana wrestling with the amount of transfers?....but everyone needs a thneed, right? If my daughter has a child that want to wrestle (of course I mean 30 yrs from now, after she gets her MBA, starts her own business, and then is allowed to date for the first time), will Indiana wrestling be a sport with 40 schools and the same 4 teams compete for a title?
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