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    Wednesday March 21st we are honored to have former Warsaw State Champion, FS Fargo Runner-up, and current UFC fighter Jarred Brooks. Joining Jarred is NCAA D1 National Qualifier, NJCAA National Champion, and 3x Michigan State Champion Freddie Rodriguez. Had an awesome room tonight of 40+ area wrestlers that included state champions, placers, and qualifiers. Join us next week, don't miss this opportunity! Party starts at 5:30PM, enter through the staired west doors (L), must have a USA wrestling card.
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    182 lbs at ISWA State

    First of all sir, let me say thank you very much for expressing your concern. It means a lot to me, my wrestler, and his parents. One of the wrestlers involved was mine and his name is Scott Stanley. He is an awesome young man with a very hard head As you saw, it was quite a collision. Scott insisted he was ok. However, in today's world, knowing what we know about head injuries, there is no way you can let an athlete reenter a contest after that kind of head trauma. Scott is going through the concussion protocol and looks forward to getting back on the mat. Agian, thank you very much for asking about the health of our wrestlers.
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    Bremen RWO

    Come get a step above your competition tonight at 5:30pm! Enter through Door 16. Excited to get the party started in Bremen! #NewRoom #SameGoal
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    The past two RTCs have been amazing with 60+ wrestlers each practice from over 10 schools. This Wednesday, we have Wabash Assistant Coach, Reece Lefever, running our practice. Aside from having a horrible haircut, Reece's technique is outstanding! As a wrestler he was the first 3x All-American for Wabash, helping lead his team to a program high Third Place his senior year at NCAAs. If you want the best competition and great technique, make sure you are at Warren Central on 3/14/18. Details: Enter Door 14 Practice is from 6-7:30 Be there. Get better.
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    125 Suriano 1 133 Gross 9 141 meredith 2 149 retherford 10 157 Nolf 8 165 IMar 3 174 Valencia 7 184 Martin 4 197 Moore 6 285 Snyder 5 Ohio State 138
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    I know one of them brats!
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    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Juniors and under region vs the county
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    UPDATE!!!!! Reece is unable to attend tonight's RTC (Y2, you'll have to tell me how to beat him next time, my strategy involved a baseball bat). Reece will be sending not one, not two, but three Wabash All-Americans to run practice tonight! Come to Warren tonight for the opportunity to learn from and wrestle with current college wrestlers! Technicians will be: Owen Doster: 7th at 133 Kyle Hatch: 8th at 157 Darden Schurg: 4th at 174
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    Skin check debate

    I don't like the idea of kids not making a lineup in elementary (which happens)..........we used to use the angle of "they cut in basketball, but everyone wrestles" now we have JV teams for elementary (which is fine), but we also have times that the elementary kid doesn't make the line up and goes a few weeks without wrestling ..... duals used to be faster, now we elementary super duals and duals tourneys (which starts the long days for parents at a younger age); "we" now even follow the baseball model that pushes kids to join "all-star" teams. Read a great article on how all-star baseball has contributed to the lack of "community" around america, and we followed. BACK IN THE DAY (man, I sound old enough to be Tonte or even Bob Harmon now), but elementary started after high school season and ended with Freestyle and Greco......then we said "lets add a month", then we said "if adding one month is good lets add 2" ......3...... now some places start in September and end in May......or even end at Folkstyle state cause "kids are burnt out" before Free and Greco start. I don't think kids dislike freestyle and greco, they are just tired by the time it starts and say no. As a head coach I used to be excited about Free/Greco starting to see all the little guys STARTING, now I am trying to figure out what bounce house or pizza party we are going to have so that they wanna come to freestyle practice. Even some coaches have tricked themselves into saying they don't like free or greco, or they say "ill never have an Olympian so why try", by that logic most coaches never have a state champ, so we should cut folkstyle practices out too. For me, by the time Free/Greco roll around I can't bear the thought of demo-ing another folkstyle move and LOVE showing "new stuff". Love showing clips of international matches - this not only sparks their wrestling knowledge but even their "worldly views." And anyone who says greco is useless must never have used handfighting or pummeling as a folkstyle drill. I truly believe with the youngers - LESS IS MORE. Its a funnel. Get out 200 elementary wrestlers (kids that call themselves wrestlers if even for a week clinic), 40-80 middle school, 50 high school - to have 10 seniors if your lucky. Good for those that can have 20 elementary guys on a duals team, and keep 10 seniors out. I don't know how they do it! But i'd love to learn. last two items What else can I rant on? Maybe the fact that Me and Y2 have agreed like 3x this week, that is more than the last 3 years. I feel I am on quite a roll!!!!!! yes, i went from elementary duals to talking Greco...........its my natural transition to most topics. I could do it if we started talking about what we eat for breakfast, I'd end with a greco talk.
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    V and M's Dad


    In all fairness Coach I was expecting to see Mike Mal break it down on "Behind the Dirt" !!
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    This is a reminder that Spring Break isn't here yet. We will have Nick Hull in the room tonight starting at 6:00. Dave, you are funny. Why did you slow that down so much?

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