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    By JEREMY HINES thehines7@gmail.com If Asa Garcia ever needed a nickname, perhaps The Fireman would be the most fitting. Sure, the Avon junior’s favorite wrestling move is the fireman’s carry - but that’s not the only reason for the nickname. Firemen are some of the bravest men on the planet. While most sane people run in the opposite direction of a fire, firefighters run towards it. Garcia is one of those that run toward the fire. A perfect example of this came a few weeks ago when Avon competed in the team state tournament. Garcia knew that he would have a gauntlet of top tier opponents in his path. He couldn’t wait for the challenge. Garcia, the top ranked wrestler in an absolutely stacked 126 pound class this year, beat two returning state champions and a fourth place finisher in team state. He dropped last year’s 120 pound champ, Cayden Rooks (now ranked No. 2 at 126 pounds) 3-1. He beat last year’s 113 pound champ Alec Viduya (ranked No. 3 at 126) 7-5 and he also knocked off fifth ranked Colin Poynter, who finished fourth at 120 last year, 3-2. “Asa was excited for the opportunity to get so many good matches at team state,” Avon coach Zach Errett said. “He was really looking at it as an opportunity more than anything. He knew he was going to get to wrestle and compete with some of the best kids in the state. That’s who he is. He looks to compete, always. I enjoy that about him. He wants to wrestle the best people.” Garcia said he approached team state with the mentality that it was going to make him a better wrestler, no matter what happened. “I knew the tournament would be tough,” Garcia said. “I’ve beaten those guys before, but I’ve also taken my lumps to some of them. You don’t know how well you’ll perform until you get out there and do it. Right now, wins and losses don’t matter anyway. If I took a loss or two, it wouldn’t have affected me. At the end of the day, the state tournament is when it really matters. Everything up until that point is practice.” Garcia won state as a freshman at 106 pounds. He came into that tournament with six losses, but emerged as the champ after pinning Warren Central senior Keyuan Murphy in just under two minutes. “Getting under the lights is an experience that’s tough to explain,” Garcia said. “You would think you’d be really nervous. But, everything just shuts down and you probably wrestle the best you’ve ever wrestled in your life.” This year Garcia is making great strides because his approach to practicing has changed. Instead of practicing to get down to weight, he’s practicing to get better. “Last year stung a little not winning (he placed third at 113),” Garcia said. “It was a tough season all around. I was cutting too much weight and it showed when things started to count. I was like 133 pounds during the week and I was cutting to 113. I wasn’t able to practice to get better, I was practicing to get the weight off. This year is much different. I’m able to maintain my weight and in practice I’m really able to focus on improving.” One of the keys to Garcia’s wrestling success is his ability to learn and expand his arsenal. “One of the things I really love about wrestling is when you get out of your comfort zone and do something you aren’t used to,” Garcia said. “It’s no secret my favorite move is the fireman’s carry - but I’ve been able to build a more elaborate offense because I worked on things I wasn’t comfortable doing. You have to work on them until you are comfortable with them.” Garcia’s top priority this year is to get back under the lights and to claim his second state title. “You think of getting under those lights all year long,” Garcia said. “You plan in your mind what your celebration would be like. You constantly think of how you want to wrestle and how you react when you win. But, all of that shuts down when you’re actually in the moment. You just have to let go and have fun.” As a team, Avon breaks down after every practice with a chant of “State Champs.” Garcia knows that after that, it’s his turn to run toward the fire. View full article
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    The Spartan Classic

    http://www.ihsaa.net/ADFilters/Connersville/FileUploads/Final%20Team%20Scores.pdf http://www.ihsaa.net/ADFilters/Connersville/FileUploads/Final%20Brackets.pdf
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    Come see the best of Indy's P/Ps battle tonight in the Cathedral gym. A huge number of former CYO champions will be battling it out in this North vs. South Catholic battle. J/V starts at 6p. Varsity starts ~6:45p. CYO students have free entry. Pizza in the cafeteria after the dual. Go Irish!
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    State rankings updated

    Lots of movement and big matches let me know what you guys think. Obviously I can’t be everywhere the way the rankings get better is based on the amount of information turned in. Thank you
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    The firemans carry...ugh...you can't stop it, you can only hope..it doesn't happen when you're up 2-1 with 30 seconds left in the semis and you end up in a headlock on the pic next to the article! SMH..... Nice article. Good luck, good health to Asa.
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    New Castle SS is updated 1/3/18
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    Great article. Tough kid. I really like his mentality and the fact he WANTS to wrestle the best.
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    I could only dream of having to eat more to make weight
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    Not understanding how the 2 lb allowance and additional allowances for missing practices due to school closures affect minimum weights is misunderstood by many coaches and refs, even though there is a very concise example in the rule book. Don't feel alone
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    TEC - Most Underated Conference

    Having competed and prepared for Shenandoah multiple times the group of gentleman at the beginning of the year are much different from the group they now have due to injuries and other situations. They would be a hard team to battle with when they have a full line up. Having trained at multiple rtc sites in the offseason the wrestlers at Shenandoah are solid with many that will punch their ticket. Although they are not in the conference many of the conference teams are in the same sectional and will have their hands full in preparing for them. They are a great group of kids who hit a rough patch early in the season but they are warriors and will make alot of noise in their individual runs. Keep up the good work Perseverance!
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    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    I and I'm certain others appreciate you recording the finals, and the broadcast was great. You are helping make wrestling better in Indiana and i know I'm not alone in that view. Wrestling doesn't have to exist in a vacuum, the the excitement can be contagious if we get it consistently in front of the potential audience. You and others in the state are helping to demonstrate that. Kudos
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    Yes. It is how most of the folks on Gridiron Digest refer to the Catholic/Jesuit schools. Easier abbreviation.
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    Pride and Prejudice !!!!
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    Southern Scuffle--Indiana boys

    Video of Nick Lee's finals match
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    You finally said something of print worthy news. Congrats now #TeamGarcia feel free to banish this guy to the POM #TheCounty #PainTrain
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    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    I agree, this Fabio guy is doing great things !!!!!!
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    Joe Lee (Wilkes Open)

    I know this is a college tournament, but Joe Lee is technically still a HS senior so I posted this hear. Move the thread if need be. Joe went at 165 in the Wilkes Open Dec 22 in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He lost his 1st round match 7-6 to Will Schmidt of Sacred Heart, giving up a reversal with :24 left in the 3rd period. Joe then won 5 in a row to finish 5th, the highest possible after the first round loss . The tournament featured a lot of unattached wrestlers, but also wrestlers from many solid schools from the Northeastern US, such as Lehigh, American, Campbell, etc. I didn't see nationally ranked guys from Lehigh. The results can be found in FloArena. Nice bounce back after losing his first match and going 165 for the first time. He wrestled 157 in the only other Open tournament I'm aware of.
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