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    There will be some very interesting matchups this weekend at the Charger Invite 106- Hadary Penn vs Diaz Wheeler 113- Light Penn vs Diaz Wheeler 113- Diaz Wheeler vs Goheen-Smith FTW Bishop Dwenger 113- Light Penn vs Goheen-Smith FTW Bishop Dwenger 120- Watts Jimtown vs Sparrow Penn 126- Nasty Weight Class Travis Miller Fairfield also in this bracket 126 Meija Elk Memorial vs Whitman Jimtown 126 DeMien Penn vs Meija Memorial 126 DeMien Penn vs Whitman Jimtown 132- Gimson Jimtown vs Hill Penn (only loss to Baustista) 138-Gimson Jimtown vs Risner Penn 138-Goering Elk Mem vs Risner Penn 138- Goering Elk Mem vs Gimson Jimtown 195- Hurley Penn vs Lucisis Elk Central 285-Yoder Fairfield vs Connor Elkhart Central If I forgot anyone sorry, should be a great day of wrestling!
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    Got a interesting email from our IHSAA Comish today. Wrestling numbers have increased dramitically this year. SchYear Gender # Wrestlers 2013-14 F 47 2013-14 M 6372 2014-15 F 50 2014-15 M 6200 2015-16 F 54 2015-16 M 6042 2016-17 F 114 2016-17 M 5853 2017-18 F 168 2017-18 M 6825
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    Jim calhoun

    Dodging matchups

    This is not to point out or criticize anyone just a thought and some feedback. Are people more worried about rankings, records etc than they are getting quality matchups. I understand moving people around for the team but I’m hearing so much about not wanting a loss etc. I love the fact our coaches don’t care who the opponent is, how you should dream about getting a crack at the 52-0 kid. I know my kid is so jacked about dreaming of getting to wrestle the number 1 kid in the country. Is Graham on Braydon Lees level....? Of course not. But the fact it makes him dream and work etc makes him better (by the way Brayton is a great wrestler but even better kid). My point or question is what value does it do a wrestler to dodge a great kid? Many has to,d us were dumb for going 52. We look at it in a whole different way. I love when I see wrestlers and coaches wanting to wrestle the best. Our head coach ( Bob Read) has always said you need to dream of wrestl8ng the 52-0 kids. I think we’re putting too much on win loss records. That will take care of themselves when your wrestling better kids
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    Perry Meridian Duals 12/9/17

    PM Vs Oldham Co 49-12 PM Vs Mason 55-18 PM Vs Greenfield Central 69-6 PM Vs Warren V2. 69-3 PM Vs Columbus East 47-17
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    Dodging matchups

    Just let the kids wrestle. We have had 15 matches so far this year and 6 were ff and most of those teams had kids at that weight. You don't ever dodge a match. Heck you can be 0-40 going into sectionals and earn your #1 ssed for regionals and so on. You should always want to wrestle the good kids. A good example is, Tommy's freshman year he was undefeated going into the finals match at semi state. He ended up losing to Nathan Boston 1-0. He came off the mat with a big grin. His coach says," Tommy, why are you so happy, you do know that you just lost, right?" Tommy responds with, " yep and that was fun!" Let the kids go out there and have fun. It's ok to lose. These kids are learning a lot more than wrestling from this sport. Personally I would rather my kids learn that anything can happen if you just go out there and try instead of your not good enought so why bother going out there.
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    Perry Meridian Duals 12/9/17

    106 #5 IN Alex Cottey PM #9 OH Jake Williams Mason 113 #6 KY Brett Shea Oldham Co 120 #4 IN Sam Fair PM #6 IN Gavin Rose GC #7 KY Carson Deckard Oldham Co 126 #2 IN Cayden Rooks CE #5 OH Sam Glassco Mason 132 #1 IN Graham Rooks CE #9 IN Carter Noehre GC #12 OH Dylan Waugh Mason 138 #4 IN Dawson Combest CE #21 KY Tyler Breneman Oldham Co 145 #4 KY Jakob McCluntic Oldham Co #7 IN Jake Schoenegge CE #8 IN Jack Servies PM 152 #6 OH Chris Donathan Mason #14 IN Aiden Warren PM #16 IN Corban Pollitt CE 160 #4 KY Lucas Carrillo Oldham Co #9 IN Nick South CE #14 IN Brooks Davis PM 170 #1 IN Noah Warren PM #9 IN Brad Lowe GC #12 KY Jackson Deckard Oldham Co 182 #4 IN Daniel Below PM #8 OH Eric Vermillion Mason #9 KY Andrew Vasquez Oldham Co 195 #5 KY Daniel Kimble Oldham Co 220 #9 KY Alex Roberts Oldham Co 285
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    Tom Cameron Duals

    Of these teams listed, I don't see Merr. losing to any of these schools. As much as I would love to see Harrison go up and beat Merrillville, I don't think the raiders' strength of schedule can compete with Merrillville's. These teams all better hope Penn sends the B team. Even then However, I've seen their JV go in and kick everyone's butt, probably not good enough to beat Merrillville though.
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    Dodging matchups

    First post on class wrestling...not made by me.
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    Dodging matchups

    Back to topic...agree. If a wrestler (or his coaches) are more concerned with win/loss record and/or ranking I believe it will undermine the achievement of goals. Now to be totally objective...not everyone has the same goals. For some it may be to qualify for Semi State, punch a ticket at State, place at State. A great win/loss record or high ranking will still not help you achieve those goals. If a wrestler's goal is to wrestle under the lights, the best way to achieve that is to have first hand knowledge of the other 15 guys in the state bracket! It is rare to go undefeated, and those that have ended their season without blemish, are the least likely to have ever "dodged" a match up to get there. "Best way to make a name for yourself...is by taking someone else's name away" aka "if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best". Great example is Jacob LaPlace-Mishawaka 138# who placed 4th at State as a freshman. Jacob had 13 losses on his record going into State. The reason that Jacob placed that high as a freshman WAS the 13 losses. That is what prepared him to reach his goal. And I've never heard anyone stick an asterisk next to that accomplishment with a note that says....yeah but he had 13 losses. Is there a wrestler out there that will not admit that they have learned more from a tough loss than from an easy win? From a fans standpoint, we respect a wrestler that steps up for a challenge...win or lose.
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    According to track, River Forest is the eighth team this year.
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    Dodging matchups

    If you want the best competition.... It's simple......Keep it Classless....
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    Dodging matchups

    All of these are excellent reasons for not converting to class wrestling. Beautiful.
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    I think there are a lot of factors that increase participation: better promotion/publicity of the sport (Indianamat & Flowrestling), club teams, football and CTE stigma, and the UFC. Virtually no one has the opportunity to complete on a world team or in the Olympics in proportion to the number of athletes that make it to the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB. However, the UFC has provided athletes interested in combat sports a new outlet and wrestling is one of the best backgrounds to have in MMA.
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    Jim calhoun

    Dodging matchups

    Sorry for the misspelling and typos. Lol
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    Dual Results

    Fixed, I put a check to make sure a certain number of characters are in the details.
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    #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    Get used to it , we are all to familiar with what Paintrain does . Only thing that changed is the name . At Mishawaka , it was Snyders Army , at BB it's Paintrain . I believe he will do bigger things at BB because the resources are probably better than they were at Mishawaka .

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