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    We are using the same weight classes as last year. 88lbs 98lbs 106lbs 113lbs 120llbs 126lbs 132lbs 138lbs 145lbs 152lbs 160lbs 170lbs 182lbs 195lbs 220lbs HWT. Coaches please start making sure your girls have proper fitting head gear as that was an issue last year. Hair net required. Gary Myers IHSGW
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    Nick Lee question

    Type of Redshirts "Normal" Redshirt- Can be taken any time for any reason. Most are done freshman year, but there are many cases of them being taken later on. Wrestlers cannot participate in duals or on the "team roster" at an individual event during this time. Injury Redshirt- This will be given if the wrestler has not used the normal redshirt and the wrestler only participated in X% of events. I believe it is something like 25%, but don't hold me to it. You cannot take an injury redshirt and a normal redshirt*. Olympic Redshirt- The NCAA has cracked down on bogus Olympic redshirts by setting criteria for this. The criteria is basically qualifying for the Olympic Trials or being a past World Medalist. Here is the link to the criteria for 2016 http://content.themat.com/forms/2016-Olympic-Redshirt-Criteria.pdf *6th Year- Normally wrestlers have 5 years to complete 4 years of eligibility. Wrestlers can get a 6th year if they take a normal or injury redshirt, then get an Olympic redshirt. They can also get a 6th year based on injury if they can prove they missed a significant portion of the season due to injury in two separate years. Lastly, they can get a hardship waiver and redshirt such as Jason Tsirtsis did. That one seems very hard to get and I can't remember it being used ever until Tsirtsis' situation.
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Lol - I'm entertained too easily ! I want isaiah to certify 132 lol
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    No just basing my oppinion off of last years head to heads. Not freestyle tourneys or a practice....
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Hobart should have 1 kid in every weight represented in the rankings - and in some instances their JV kid should be ranked as well. Thats a journey into the mind of Brickfor6 - haha ! You know rankings don't matter - although they are fun to debate and motivate ! These postings at 12:00 am are keeping me up late though !
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    Congratulations to Adam Davis from Culver Academies for signing with Navy. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Ian is back at Valpo
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    U23 Trials

    He did give Waltz his closest match of the day. And it was Riley's only close match too, teching the rest of his competition.
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    U23 Trials

    Alo gave it a go in the 2nd match, but Miracle prevails 11-3. Kayla Miracle will be the US representative at the U23 worlds.
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    Dingo Brigade

    U23 Trials

    Miracle eases into the finals in dominant fashion

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