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    SWINfan Shoutout

    Thanks for all the kind words. My renewed interest in wrestling started 7-8 years ago as my nephew got pretty heavy into it as a youngster. It was also around that time that Nick Lee started making some noise before entering HS. Unfortunately, due to concussions, my nephew no long wrestles (he did get in some varsity matches as a freshman) but my interest thanks to the Lee's, and Indiana Mat has continued to grow. I used to got to Mater Dei matches as a kid with my dad so even though I didn't go there (he did) I always followed them and knew some of the guys when I was in HS. I moved to Alabama 20+ years ago and it got away from me other than hearing from dad how MD and other Evansville schools were doing and always reading how they fared at the State Championships. But with the lovely thing we call the internet, it has made it easy to follow schools and individual kids, so I don't just see myself as an Evansville/SW Indiana guy and have become fans of kids from all over the state. The advent of streaming the past few years allowed someone like me (who gets back home once, maybe twice a year) to see the kids wrestle who I have read about and followed via Indiana Mat, Track Wrestling, etc. So this year, with some extra time on my hands, I thought i would dig into how the kids I had followed were doing in college. In the past, the college board got little attention outside of the few IN kids making noise on the national scene and a post or three about IU and Purdue. Maligned always did a nice job with the guys qualifying for the NCAA's etc., but my curiosity went beyond all of that and to kids wrestling and (hopefully) succeeding at all levels. So with Track Wrestling, Intermat, the college signings page here, etc. I was able to find a ton of guys I might never had heard anything about. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was fun! Hopefully, with the database I put together, it will be much easier to update each year and at the point I can't keep up anymore, someone else can easily take over. I love how passionate fans are here on the HS board (though I could deal with a little less of the craziness) and hope that people will eventually make it a habit to check the college board regularly as well and give some attention to those guys that continue on their wrestling careers and continue to work their asses off, even if they aren't doing so at the Division I All-America honors level. Thanks again for those that have helped and those that appreciate the effort to give some kids some due that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
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    SWINfan Shoutout

    Just wanted to thank @SWINfan for the effort and work back here on the college board this year. Always wondered why there didn't seem to be much happening back here since there seems to be a lot of interest on our wrestlers/teams on the HS board but then it's like they drop off the face of the earth. It's also been nice to get away from the goofinesss of the high school board at times, although that might be changing next year, amirite??? LOL. It's cool to get an update on these guys as they grind on in their careers and get some good discussion on the college scene. So thanks, SWINfan for spearheading the effort and all you others who provided info etc.
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    It is my privilege to congratulate the men who have been named as Indiana's National Wrestling Coaches Association Head Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year. Head Coach of the Year Tony Currie of Adams Central High School has continued to build the great wrestling tradition for the Jets. Now in his 15th year of coaching at the school, first as a volunteer, then assistant and now head coach, Tony has continued to build Adams Central Wrestling. The Jets won the IHSWCA Team State Duals this past season. The team compiled a 23-3 record and claimed the team titles at both the IHSAA Sectional and Regional tournaments. Coach Curie is also a founding coach of the wrestling little league for youth wrestlers in his area. Assistant Coach of the Year Joe Somerville has been a member of the Jeffersonville Red Devils program for 15 years. Along with his duties as assistant coach at the high school, the History and English teacher is also the head coach for the Jeff Youth Club and serves as club treasurer. In addition, Joe is tournament director for the Jeff Holiday tournament and the Sectional and Regional. Jeffersonville had a freshman class of 25 wrestlers this past season and was able to field full Varsity, 2nd varsity and C-team squads. The Red Devils were IHSAA Sectional champions and Regional runners-up this past season. Congratulations to both of these men for the success they have brought to their programs and all they do to build our great sport! Dave Cloud-Indiana Representative NWCA
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    A constant recruiting effort benefits our program directly by making forfeits less likely, giving us future wrestlers in training and having larger crowds. But perhaps most importantly, if you believe in what wrestling stands for, why wouldn't you want the maximum number of students to benefit from being a part of the sport? You never know where or how someone may benefit the sport. A former wrestler of ours, who never made the varsity, became the coach of a state championship middle school team in Illinois. He loves the sport and passes on the lessons he learned as a wrestler to his wrestlers. I couldn't be prouder of him. With that being said, I would like to hear what coaches are having success with in recruiting kids into their programs. I have listed three we do to start the conversation. 1) After 30 years of coaching high school football, and recruiting like mad the whole time, I moved to our middle school football program three years ago. One of my assistant coaches there is on my middle school wrestling coaching staff. We use every opportunity to recruit kids into the program. A player that I started recruiting as a seventh grader finally went out for the team as an eighth grader. He fell in love with the sport and this year as a freshman went 10-5 as a varsity fill-in, earned a letter and established himself as a very promising member of the lineup for next season. 2) I work to have a good relationship with our high school and middle school basketball coaches. We've had a few kids who got cut in high school come out. Watch out for those kids who quit basketball after their freshman year! We got a heavyweight who played basketball as a freshman but didn't go out as a sophomore. He came out for wrestling knowing almost nothing about wrestling but was a state qualifier as a junior and placed sixth as a senior. We had another heavyweight who came out after quitting basketball as a freshman (I spoke to the basketball coach first to make sure it was not going to be a problem). He was a Regional champion and 2X Semi-State qualifier. I speak to the boys middle school coach each year and ask him to refer the boys who get cut to wrestling. We also encourage the middle school basketball players to come out for wrestling for the last month or so of the wrestling season after basketball is over. We got a fifth place 215 lb.state placer that way when he chose to wrestle instead of play basketball in high school. 3) Do something special for a match. Last season we partnered with Chad Masters to televise our match with the Marauders. Josh Holden of Greenfield and Courtney Duncan of Frankton graciously agreed to do the play-by-play and color (the only objection the TV station offered when I asked them was that they didn't have anyone who knew wrestling to call the match) for the broadcast. We had the best home dual meet crowd ever. Next season Coach Holden and I are broadcasting our dual meet from Hoosier Gym. I have seen other schools do the match on a theater stage (great job Floyd Central!). Randy Qualitza did a varsity match before a varsity basketball game decades ago. Be creative. Could it flop? Sure. Who cares. Let your kids know you are trying things to make your meets an event. It will always be a slog for most programs to get kids in large numbers in but I believe it is worth it. What works for you?
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    Starting next week, April 9th, Manchester University and Indiana Tech will be running a combined Regional Training Center on Tuesday and Thursdays. RTC will take place at Manchester on Tuesdays and Indiana Tech on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30pm. It will be open to all Schoolboy and up aged wrestlers. Must have USA wrestling card to attend. You will find coaches and athletes from both universities at both locations each week. Should be a great opportunity for NE Indiana. Come get better! Tuesdays - Manchester University, PERC Stauffer-Wolf Arena Contact - Kevin Lake – Head Coach kalake@manchester.edu, 260-982-5227 Thursdays - Indiana Tech, Warrior Athletic Center Contact - Thomas Pompei – Head Coach tapompei@indianatech.edu, 317-730-4056 Schedule April 9th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 11th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 16th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 18th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 23rd - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 25th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 30th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 May 2nd - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 *Will continue throughout the summer
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    Tallinn Open In Estonia

    Tallinn Open FS update! Nate Rioux finished 6th, Ray Rioux finished 4th and Cheaney Schoeff won the tournament! Great showing by #WestsideWingmen in Estonia! Avon boys getting that international experience! Proud of them dudes!
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    Wabash College, and is projected to wrestle 184.
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    I recall going to a Mt. Vernon Jr. High dual (it was either 4 or 5 years ago). My first thought was where the heck is this school in the middle of nowhere, and then it quickly became "how are all of these kids so damn good"? While our kids were goofing off on the mat during warm ups, all of a sudden the lights dimmed and they played "My House" by Flo Rida overhead, and the MV kids came out circling our boys on the mat. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with the entire program, even if we got our tail handed to us.
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    Those are some excellent ideas to enhance both numbers of kids and the overall quality of experience they have with the sport. Here are a couple of thoughts I'd add: The first idea would be indirect recruitment via increased interest in the meets. Reach out to non-sports departments like the band director, art teacher, drama/theatre club, and cheer coach (I know this is technically a sport). Getting the pep band to perform at matches adds energy and excitement as well as putting additional parents and friends in the stands. Drama club for lightning up the mat, creating showy entrances and adding additional flair, making the meets fun events. Those kids would have parents and friends too. Art teacher for potentially making a class project of creating promotional posters for individual home meets. They could be like WWE or Concert posters or whatever the kids come up with. The art kid would suddenly have an interest in attending an event they did the promo poster for and there folks would too. All are low to no cost options to utilize the resources available, and give kids opportunities to apply their skills doing what they enjoy in a practical environment. All this creates ownership in the wrestling program from the various groups that are contributing in their way to grand event. The greater interest in the meets will make it a lot easier to recruit kids out for the team.
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    Here is alleged video Snapchat-1245038841.mp4
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    Class of 2021

    Just copy, paste the class rankings here from Indianamat that was as listed . A few wrestlers missing from this year State Finals . I’d put Jaden Reynolds on this list . Just curious on who everyone would choose .
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    I love all the suggestions and cool fun stuff added to wrestling.. Televising the meets is great... anything that can grow the sport i'm in favor of...Football teams are great places to get Athletic big men to fill voids many schools have.. also like stated before there's kids of all sizes playing different sports that can benefit from wrestling.. Wrestling is a awesome sport and everybody can benefit from trying wrestling.. Especially when you have passionate Leaders like Dave kicking these kids his knowledge and love.
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    The main thing I did when first took over at MV was to recruit heavily from the football team, I was there anyway. Then would just stand in the halls and talk to any kid I could and tell them how wrestling could benefit them. I remember seeing a young man running down the hallway, he looked to be around 100lbs and we needed a 106. He was a soccer player, so told him he could spend his winter upstairs with us. He has told us coaches that he is more aggressive on the soccer field and has much more confidence in life. Dave setting up the our dual to be televised has been a huge bonus. We have had lots of kids tell us how cool that was and asked if we would be doing it again. I am hoping to get Dave and PH back on the screen this coming year, and possibly another dual when we get our schedule finalized. (We need a couple duals if anybody is interested). We have discussed trying to use the auditorium, football field (weather permitting), the schools new Performance enhancement center basically anything to create interest. Randal Hayes has came up with great intro music for our duals that the kids love. We have thrown free t-shirts into the crowd just to fill as many seats as possible. As Dave said, anything to let your kids know that you are putting in the effort to make this as fun as possible.
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    Scholastic Duals

    Some additional info regarding the tournament. Aside from a dominating performance by IN Gold.......the Blue team competed extremely well and captured 3rd place. Excluding the stand out performances......a couple others from the Gold team that deserve acknowledged, begins with Deters. The young man lost 1 match all weekend and really wrestled at a high level. Chundi did awesome filling in for Cottey. He arguably got one of the biggest wins in the final by knocking off Illinois 106 (1-0), in at that point....a tied dual. He was an octopus in the top position all 3rd period. Irrick showed incredible heart finishing his final bout. With about 30 seconds left in the match. He appeared to completely blow out his knee. The young man literally hopped back to the center, and painfully finished the match to ensure we only gave up 3, having to then be carried to the training table. Trainers on hand speculated complete tears of his ACL and MCL. Dorian Keys also suffered a likely ligament injury in his knee the day before. Landon Boe had a pretty major ankle break as well. Genuine prayers are appreciated for these warriors. On a final note......Kentucky’s top team is MUCH improved. They were pretty Fresh/Soph heavy as well. Not sure if the KY kids are traveling more or what, but they were hard nosed from top to bottom. And had a couple kids who are right there on that “elite” level. Was surprised, and very impressed by their upward trajectory as a state.
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    I think this is a great idea having these 2 programs team up. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
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    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Parker Reynolds made the Finals too as a 1st year schoolboy and was looking to be 1 of only 2 wrestlers (14U & below) in the finals to win back to back USAW Titles. It would have been his 3rd in 4 years. He fell just short losing in OT in the championship match to finish 2nd.
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    Kyle Ayersman

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Some Brownsburg results- JJ Doty-2nd place Parker Reynolds-2nd place KT Nelson-8th place
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    SWINfan Shoutout

    Saved by the Bell: The College Years wasn't a good sequel... Let's hope the same doesn't happen here.
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    Luke Welch will be our guest clinician tonight. Luke was a five year wrestler at Purdue. Luke was a two-time Academic All-Big Ten selection, Midlands Placer, Big-Ten Placer, amongst other career achievements. Luke is a tremendous freestyle wrestler; he won the 2017 USA Wrestling University Nationals at 57 kg and placed at the 2015 University Nationals. We will see everyone tonight at 6:00 PM. Enter door 27 on the South side of the school, the wrestling room will be up the first staircase on your right. All you need is an active USA Wrestling card!
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    Class of 2021

    Hammers all around Boarman (Littel & Mendez) Aiden Warren might be around Lee weight again. Cottey at 113 ? My pick would be Evan Bates at 182 again, a Jr. at upper weight is a good combination. If I had a confidence poll Top 5 1 being the best shot, 5 the least 1. Bates 2. Ellis 3. Warren 4. Cottey 5. Hall
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    we talking about recruiting kids currently at your school or at another school?
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    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Yes it is. I remember the last year of the Hinkel regime, they were on some great national recruits ready to jump on board including the Valencia's (Purdue connections with their coach), Stroker out of Iowa, and a couple of others that bailed after the Purdue assistant Athletic Director blew it all up over ego. Still remember just a few short months before he axed Hinkel, Purdue had gained momentum in state, reestablishing a nationally recognized recruiting trail, and had hosted the 100 year celebration for the program, with a huge opportunity to build on the alumni base that had helped the team fund the new wrestling room, and was ready to do more. Then the same assistant AD got up in front of hundred's of faithful alum, grabs microphone sounding like he was Kevin Hart, and proclaimed loudly in a packed room that "Hinkel's my guy...."...good grief what a load of poopy diapers. Unfortunately, that part of alumni support has never recovered - beyond the direct Alumni, you had 15+ years of former wrestlers making their way to successful high school coaching positions and trees in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, CA, PA, etc. that were starting to pay dividends on raising the awareness of the program... Just prior to that, it took a while for Purdue to become the last team in the Big Ten to add a 2nd paid assistant, and even then, the Head Coach had little discretion in choosing the assistants they wanted to hire. Can't think of any other program that has that operational hierarchy. Can you see a Jay Robinson acquiescing to such nonsense?
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    I personally thought the right call was made. When they showed the reviews in slow motion there was no pulling of the head gear. Yes, he had it palmed but was forcing the head away.
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    Awesome for Cam, coached this kid and his bros for years. Congrats to Cam and his parents Brian and Sharon!
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    when triz is healthy he's a dangerous dangerous guy! whomever gets him will be pleased.. great young man and never quits... anybody that makes it to state with torn meniscus is a killer!

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