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    One thing that might resolve some issues is expanded sponsorship of ISWA teams. If ISWA can line up sponsors so that "Team Indiana" events are virtually free for the wrestlers and their families, then you would take away the cost argument and may start seeing some families that have earned a spot but can't afford the trip begin to participate more. Wrestling has a lot of successful, extremely loyal alumni. I think it would be appealing to know you are sponsoring the official "Team Indiana" and be able to show a lineup of events they are raising money for.
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    MANHEIM, Pa. – Juniors Ben Harvey and Cael McCormick of the Army West Point wrestling team added to their academic honors for 2019 by being named Scholar All-Americans by the National Wrestling Coaches Association on Friday. https://goarmywestpoint.com/news/2019/4/26/wrestling-harvey-mccormick-named-nwca-scholar-all-americans.aspx?path=wrestling Congrats Ben and Cael! #studentathletes
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    Ya-Sin has only played six years of organized football. Wonder where he comes by such amazing athleticism...maybe it is those two high school state wrestling championships he won in Georgia. Rock, stop in to see the IHSAA Wrestling Finals in February.
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    Well... this escalated quickly! As a parent of a wrestler that has been through the entire elementary wrestling scene and now the middle school scene, I feel like I have seen and heard it all at this point on the youth level. I think we can all agree and understand that every parent wants to do what they think is best for their child. I have had to make numerous decisions on what tournaments to attend, what teams to wrestle for, what weekends to take off, etc and make those decisions fully knowing that some people will be upset with the choices that I make. I guess its all "part of the game." With that being said, I do understand the idea JMILL is trying to make about loyalty. There have absolutely been teams, coaches, organizations that have provided opportunities over the years that have been invaluable. As my son has gotten better and better, I still try to help those groups or people out when we can. The ISWA being one of those groups. I don't agree or like every decision the ISWA has made over the years, but I also appreciate dearly the opportunities they have provided for my son. I also know they are going to continue to provided outstanding opportunities for my son in the coming years, both on the mat and off. Over the course of an entire year, I see it as a privilege and honor to go wrestle for Team Indiana at the Heartland Duals for one weekend. My son loves the trip and I do to. We have always had great competition at this dual and the friendships made at the arena and hotel will last a lifetime for us. Even if the wrestling wasn't at the highest level (though I would argue that it is...), what is problem with taking one weekend to support our state association? There are 51 other weekends available to go wrestle at what you perceive to be a "better tournament", We have wrestled at every national tournament you can image and even multiple tournaments overseas. Ask my son to rank his top five experiences, and I can guarantee Heartland Duals would make that list. So I guess what I am most confused by, are the lines by K,hudd that "the kids deserve better" and "we don't need 'Team Indiana' to win a national title". I strongly feel the kids aren't issue in this statement, this is a parent issue. Every weekend of the year you can go wrestle at a "national tournament' and gain the title "National Champion" without Team Indiana even remotely being apart of that experience. However, if you look at the long road and big picture, you will need "Team Indiana" on your singlet to go compete for a true national title that matters at Fargo... However, to each their own. Like I said previously, we all have to make decisions that we feel are best for our kid at the time and not everyone will agree with them. I agree with Mattyb though... don't come on to a thread celebrating what one group did and disparage that group, this behavior won't help resolve any unity issues! Just my two worthless cents... Jason Schoeff
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    Brock Hudkins

    Welcome home Brock! Great young man, wrestler and teammate. Extremely excited about the direction Angel and staff are headed. ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴 #iuwrestling #CWA
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    I have had the opportunity to coach at Kingsport twice for Team North Carolina when my nephews (Who wrestle at Campbell now) were on the team and have coached both the elem and middle school teams at Heartland over last couple years. Both tourneys has their shares of studs but I would say for the depth and overall talent level of the teams Heartland wins it going away. Kingsport is a neat tourney and I agree would be a great meet to introduce our kids new to national level competition too.
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    Well let me tell you something brother..... I didn’t even know AAU wrestling still existed, that’s cute, good for them. I just took my third trip in 4 years to Heartland. I have zero personal investment and I spend a ton of money. I go because I want to see Indiana compete on a national level. It helps, it helps w recruiting, it helps w exposure, it’s helps w everything. I’m about “Team Indiana” and growing the state because when the dads come and go w their kids, I’ll still be here plugging along trying to raise the level of wrestling in Indiana. Heading to some AAU dual in a sweaty gym in nowhere TN is nothing more than medal chasing.
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    No doubt, floarena is the poopy flavored lollipop of the bracket world. Getting to it is no picnic either. That said I love the video and for the last year or so the streaming has been good. You have to keep in mind Flo doesn't promote wrestling they just sell folkstyle/freestyle crack to those already addicted. Addicts are willing to endure great pains to get their fix. Flo is testing your fortitude with floarena
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Here are the entries I found with Indiana ties, if I'm missing someone tell me and I'll add them. Brackets and entries can be viewed here http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/f6df0763-537e-cdc3-0c65-d292d527eef6 Senior Men's Freestyle 57kg Christian Sharp- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Luke Welch- Boilermaker RTC Newburgh IN 65kg Brandon Wright- NYAC Indianapolis IN Jordin Humphrey- TMWC Monrovia CA Nick Lee Nittany- Lion Wrestling Club State College PA 74kg Jacob Ferris- Legends of Gold Fishers IN Logan Ray- Bloomington IN 79kg Shabaka Johns- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Nathan Jackson- NYAC/NJRTC Princeton NJ 92kg Riley Lefever- Nittany Lion Wrestling Club State College PA 125kg Robert Clark- Legends of Gold Greenwood IN Women's Freestyle 62kg Kayla Miracle- Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club Campbellsville KY 65kg Kyle Todrank- Bulls wrestling club Buffalo NY ***I'm assuming this is a mistake and he'll be wrestling men this weekend.*** UWW Junior Freestyle 61kg Colin Poynter- Air Force RTC Portage IN Trey McCartney- Knights Wrestling Club Otterbein IN 65kg Alec White- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 70kg Austin Rainbolt- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Brayton Lee- Minnesota Storm Brownsburg IN Graham Rooks- Indiana Bloomington IN Kendall Coleman- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN Mason Miranda- Knights Wrestling Club Avon IN 74kg Kasper McIntosh- Minnesota Storm Portage IN Joe Lee- NLWC State College PA 79kg Emil Soehnlen- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 86kg Thomas Penola- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 92kg Lucas Davison- TMWC Evanston IL Noah Cressell- Bison Wrestling Club Wabash IN 97kg Brandon Streck- Indiana Bloomington IN Masters B Freestyle 58kg Nick Hull- Legends of Gold 70kg Jordin Humphrey- TMWC Monrovia CA
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    Agreed, I think we should be able to land a corporate sponsor for Heartland teams.
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    Another packed room last night! Thanks to Coach Smiley for showing some excellent technique. Next week we have Kyle Hatch: Multiple time State Placer 2X All-American at Wabash (and still two years left!) You never stay at the same level. You either get better or get passed. It's that simple. Come chase your dreams with us next Thursday at 6PM! #PainTrain Snyder
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    They just said on FRL today that the U17(UWW Cadet) specifically will be earlier due to U17 Worlds being a lot earlier next year. There will be some big changes due to an earlier than usual Olympics. Indiana may have an advantage with our folkstyle state series being so early and we can start training earlier for that event.
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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana wrestling program and IU head coach Angel Escobedo have announced the addition of Brock Hudkins. Hudkins, a native of Danville, Ind., started his collegiate career at Northern Illinois where he twice qualified for the NCAA Championships at 125 lb. At Danville Community High School, Hudkins posted a perfect 83-0 record as a junior and a senior. Hudkins was a four-time state qualifier and two-time State Champion. "We are excited to bring Brock Hudkins back to Indiana," IU head coach Angel Escobedo said. "A two-time NCAA qualifier, Brock will add national level experience to our team." Brock HudkinsDanville, Ind. | Danville Community High SchoolWeight Class: 125Intended major at IU: Pre-Physical Therpay2X NCAA Qualifier4X State Qualifier in High School3X State Placer2X State ChampionWon Sagamore Conference, Hendricks County, Sectional, Regional and Semi-States titles all four years.Team captain from 2013-16, MVP three years in a row "I think what Angel is doing at Indiana is special," Hudkins said. "I believe in what he is trying to accomplish and I think he's the guy to do it. He can get me to the next level I'm looking for. Angel has been to the highest level and knows what it takes. A big thing that stands out is the culture change he is trying to make. Not many people realize what he had to do as far as isolating himself from the culture he was surrounded by, to accomplish his dreams and how much time and effort he had to put in by himself. I can relate to that on many levels and believe he's making this place better for all the guys who are tired of dreaming and ready to be something greater than their thoughts. "I really connected with the coaching staff and believe it's the best fit for me," Hudkins added. "When I think about IU I see myself not only accomplishing my degree and graduating, I see myself not pursuing my dream of a national champion, but accomplishing it. I believe with this team, these coaches, the academic staff I will have, I will be put in a situation where I'll have no other choice but to win and be successful in all aspects of life."
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    The weight cutting on the MS State tournament to making weight at Heartlands isn’t a “real” issue. The problem is that, it’s a bad weekend. UWW team trials, Heartland, & Kingsport is all on the same weekend plus FloNats the next weekend...transition from one style to the next. Just like Jason, my son has been to all these National duals. In my opinion Kingsport is a great tooth chipper tournament, and while it’s not a USAW event, it’s well worth going if you have never been. Heartlands is a great tournament, great chance to put “Indiana’s best” out on the mat. It’s a fun trip. I did have a big problem with the head salesman @ Miller’s Used Cars...HA I’d hate to ever owe that guy money!!! Heres the thing, we decided to take our son to the UWW team trials. It’s the same weekend as Kingsport and Heartland, but that’s what was best for our son. It wasn’t a weight cut thing as 68KG is a lower weight than the Heartland weight he was qualified for. I’m as loyal a guy as you’ll find, BUT I believe loyalty isn’t the concern...is this about entry fees, egos, control, BS???? It’s not a loyalty issue, there were 3 great tournaments on the same weekend...at the end of the day, you do what’s best for your own!!! This is truth...this is in no way, shape or form “Trophy Chasing” it’s about constantly showing your wrestler where the bar is at. At all 3 of these tournaments there are top level kids. I constantly try to put my kids in the fire, get them beat up, show them where the bar is!!! Because at the end of the day, what are we trying to do????? We are making young men that can succeed in life and this sport...that’s all!! It’s not about money, entry fees, gear fees, egos, or an organization, etc although a lot feel that it is. IT’S ABOUT THESE KIDS... THAT’S ALL!!!!!!
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    I second what Jason said. This was my son's 1st and hopefully not last time to wrestle for Team Indiana. He expressed what a great honor it was to wear the Indiana singlet and to wrestle with kids from all across the state. He has been talking with his Team Indiana team mates all week and they are still talking about the Heartland Duals trip. He has stated many times this week that he wants Team Indiana to be in that Championship match & to battle for the National Title. It is about pride and getting Indiana to the top. Let's work together and put the best Team Indiana out there no matter what level (MS or Elementary) that the state can put on the mat. Not sure if that is 2 cents or a penny Jason!! Dave Doster
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    Caleb Spires

    Brock Hudkins

    I think this is a good move for both Brock and IU. If he can still make 125, he’ll slot right in and drilling with guys like Asa, Moran, and the Rooks brothers helps everyone get better. Another wonderful pick-up for Angel.
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    I was skeptical about the weekday tournament before, but most have turned out pretty well. It hasn't been too much different than attending many of the Saturday events where you normally get 3-4 wrestlers in your weight class anyway. And now that they have become more advertised thing rather than a couple clubs trying to just sneak in an event at the last minute for their own kids to qualify, I think most people appreciate that additional option weekday events provides. If anyone in the central or southern part of the state (or the north if you want to make the drive) still needs to get another qualifier in, Seymour is hosting a weekday tournament this Wednesday. We had a pretty solid turnout last year for our first time hosting this type of weekday event. Almost everyone got at least 3 matches in, everyone wrestled on full mats, we were out the door at a decent time, and you get to be in the newly crowned largest high school gym (according to permanent seating calculations).
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    Seems that way. Some clubs up there need to get on the weekday tourneys!!! They are awesome. Been seeing 50 to 150 kids get two or three solid matches in a couple hours. It’s awesome! I see this much like the duals at the elementary level. Both are very good products that are cost effective and convenient for families. Went to Red Cobra on Friday. Bout 80 kids. Several youth hammers and several high school state placers there. Mark Durham running track. JD Minch and Zach Errett reffing. $10 entry fee. Two full mats. Nice medals for the kids (not expected but really cool). Weighins from 5 to 5:30. Everyone got 2 to 4 matches and was done by 9. Can’t beat it. This is what the people want.
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    Alex Mosconi of Cathedral commits to

    Congratulations to Alex Mosconi from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Ohio. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
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    Coach Jordan is a 4x NCAA All-American, 2016 NCAA Finalist and a 2x Big Ten Champ. His wrestling career at the University of Wisconsin was a great one with a career record of 115-17. Come out to Avon Tonight tonight and get better before a big weekend coming up!!!
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    B. Lee takes the runner-up spot. Sasso with takedown then converted to a nasty leg lace that just racked up the rest of the points for a 10-0 win. Lucas Davison take the Junior Open title though with a 6-3 win in his match. He has earn a finals spot for the Junior World Team Trials. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but for anyone wondering the age groups for international Juniors is different than US Juniors. It usually includes older HS wrestlers through younger college level guys.
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    Men, I love the passion for the little guys. Here it is in nut shell. There is a long history of Indiana teams going to the AAU event in Kingsport. The event is at a high school and ran on a handful of mats. It is a pretty cool event. Coach Jim Humphrey and others were taking "unofficial" team Indiana teams to this event for years (it was a 5th grade and under event). Bout 10 years ago, Brandi Cash decided that she wanted to unite the elementary wrestling community. So Mrs. Cash had a elementary team qualifier at Ben Davis High School. She took two really great teams to Kingsport that year. Those teams had several IHSAA state champs on them. After that, a few of us took random teams down there. The following year, the ISWA approached me, and asked if I would accept the newly created board position of Folk style Developmental Director (currently held by Ryan Parrish). As the director, I tried as hard as I could to unite all academies and clubs to put together the best teams. I was NOT successful in doing so. I did the best that I could do, and created the current wrestle off format for the "official" team Indiana. It was very fair and allows kids to make the team in one of two weights. It was set up to ensure that we could field our very best teams. With that said, some people refused to wrestle with each other (Apparently this will NEVER change). Even with the riffs between clubs, that first ISWA sponsored elementary national team took 3rd there. At that time, the AAU nationals were the very best elementary duals in the USA. That was the best showing by Indiana until this year. Hats of to this years group, that broke our record. That same year USAW started the Heartland duals in Omaha Nebraska. It was held in a state of the art arena and was a USAW event. It was also 6th grade and under. For these reasons, the ISWA decided to send the ISWA team Indiana to this event (the ISWA is affiliated with USAW). I can honestly say that the competition, venue, and organization of the Heartland event was superior to that of Kingsport. With that said... the following year AAU did raise the age of the Kingsport event to 6th grade and under to try to compete with Heartland. The first year at Heartland, our team took 3rd (which remains a record for an Indiana team). Since then, the Heartland Duals have been moved to Council Bluffs, IA. The venue, quality of wrestling, and organization has gotten even better. Now to the cost... When I / We started these trips, the cost was $140 for gear and entry fee. Since then, the cost has gone up. I really would like to see some sponsorships and the cost reduced. With that said.. I always handed out sponsorship letters for each team member to use to raise funds (pre go fund me). The majority of kids that actually sent the fund raising letters to friends and family, got most expenses covered. With that said.. I agree with reducing cost. I personally think that Heartland is a better trip, and is the top elementary duals in the USA. I can also see why the other guys choose to go to Kingsport. Its a fun trip, and sounds like it was more cost effective. Bottom line is this. Everyone is going to do what they think is best for THEIR kids. Personally.. I will NEVER knock anybody for doing so. I would LOVE to see an united team Indiana, but know it will NEVER happen. And that is OK!!!! Getting on here and saying "our team or trip was awesome" and knocking the other side is not cool (for either side). Most of these kids are clueless to these issues, and can care less. As a team leader and a parent of a kid that has been through it all, I really hope that all of these kids get the same thing that my son got out of these trips. He has made life long bonds. I truly believe that these trips set the tone for most of the success that he has experienced in middle school and beyond. My hats off to all team leaders, parents, and wrestlers that made both trips. I hope that you all have made memories that wont be soon forgotten. Furthermore, I hope that these trips lead your wrestlers to achieve their future goals and much much more. Enough of the silly stuff men. It is what it is.
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    Brock Hudkins

    2x State Champ Brock Hudkins, NCAA Q, chooses Indiana Hoosiers #igniteindiana 🔥🔴⚪️🔴⚪️. Indiana is bring back its HS State Champs home .
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    The best way to help increase the local tournament attendance is to incentivize it. If you go to one local even your freestyle state cost is reduced by $X, two events it is reduced by $Y, and so on. With spring breaks(some being two weeks long now), nice weather, maybe other sports, etc families make the decision to attend freestyle state in January or sooner. How much more would attendance increase if they didn't have to worry about driving to Indy twice during the week to get qualifiers in?
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    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Final FloNationals Results Cadets Jesse Mendez and Silas Allred CHAMPIONS *Both will represent the USA at the Pan Ams Braydon Erb 4th Zeke Seltzer 7th Blake Boarman and Macartney Parkinson 8th Juniors Matt Lee, Eli Dickens, and Joe Walker 2nd Hayden Lohrey and Will Crider 3rd

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