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This sport is about LOVE!


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I want to share a story about the kind of people we have in this sport.  Last Saturday Greenfield had a young lady injured in a match at New Palestine High School.  It was a head and neck injury that required her to be transported to the hospital via ambulance.  She and her parents had never been through something like this before and were justifiably shaken.  


On Tuesday of this week I was called down to the athletic office.  We had received a package.  It was a box of flowers addressed to the young lady who was injured.  They were sent from the Columbia City Wrestling Program.  I know it's a little thing and some people may not understand, but it touched me and my program.


People think wrestling is about working hard, sweating, bleeding, beating on people, etc..., but it's not.  It's above LOVING each other.  I wan't to thank Columbia City for giving my program an example of how people are supposed to love each other.


Thank you!

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