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On 7/22/2022 at 11:32 PM, FCFIGHTER170 said:

Congrats to these studs and can we get a Final Rinse round of a applause for the Cascase Kid aka Blicky Bic Bickel who's worked as hard as any kid I've seen in past few years! Camps, tourneys, helping community and just being the Dog he is and showing up every where he chooses up compete! that has to be their first AA, I'd imagine... and to one of if not best young HC in the state, my guY HARRY Q it as y'all know em as Big Q Harris aka #Quinn4TheWin.. the Turn around and Improvements he's helped instill in the Casade program is exactly the purpose for having Team State and showing that with a Goal like winning a team title at your Class, that makes the culture start pivoting to team aspect and holding each other accountable in order to Succeed in every aspect as student athletes.. that breeds competitive mindsets that are all committed being best version of yourselves so that the team is contending for n titles and most importantly great young ppl. 

First Cascade kid to ever make the trip. Secures AA status and leaves with hardware. Very proud of this young man and his commitment to the grind!


I was wrong Cascade has had a few kids take the trip before but Logan is the first All-American for Cascade!

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23 hours ago, 812wrestler said:

Hunter was pretty beat up after freestyle and that lingered into the Greco tournament. He was determined to avenge a loss he took from state champ Mcgehee from Tennessee during the high school season. He was able to avenge that loss in the first round this morning with a tech fall but after the adrenaline wore off he was hurting pretty bad and trainers would not let him continue. Got him checked out in Fargo and doc said soft tissue strain. Told him take a couple midol and he be fine in a week😂


Thanks for the update.  Do you mind sharing about Brody B as well?  I felt like the 23-16 loss took a lot out of him.  Maybe it was all of the matches, but it just looked like he was out of steam in his blood round loss.  Then, he didn't wrestle Greco, so I assumed he was banged up after FS.  He had a helluva run, winning 6 matches and having to wrestle 4 matches in less than 3 hours on the final day.  6-2 and no AA had to be tough!  Looking forward to seeing what weight he wrestles and how he does at Purdue!

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Brody had Condon from Cali in his last match for freestyle. Condon was all American in both styles so the young man is a real hammer to say the least! It seemed like a lot of the matches went the full 6 minutes so undoubtedly those guys had to be wore out! Brody was on the offense in true Brody fashion. But I’m sure all his opponents knew he was a 2 time single class champ and when your a bad dude you wear that bullseye on you singlet  every time you step on the mat.

it’s hard to explain but EVERY match there is high level, very physical and just mean! There was so many D1 commits that didn’t get on the podium! Everyone knows Fargo is the real deal but until you sit in the stands and watch you can’t really grasp just how salty it is!

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And congrats to Logan Bickel! I got to watch some of his freestyle matches and several of his Greco matches! The young man looked great on his feet and held great position in Greco! His coaches did an amazing job getting him ready and I’m sure he is gonna be ready to make some noise in our state series💪🏼

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