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Just sharing that I was just chose to create and host a Combat Sports show!!

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Fight mixer is a Combat Sports show made up of a conglomerate of content creators and is currently top 10 on Amazon and sports shows. They put an ad out on social media and was blessed that I was like the 15th person interviewed and was the first person given one of the two positions on the spot! It's going to be oriented as a base towards MMA with the name of it being the "MMA MULLET MATINEE" .. it will be shown on Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube, and other streaming services Etc. 


I sold them on the idea that I wanted to bring a comedic edge to a very technical analytical Combat Sports show, where I can not only break down Combat Sports from a fans perspective but also from a coach's perspective and how you would prepare your athlete and also from a fighter's perspective in a psychological standpoint what goes into being a pro fighter Etc which is proprietary in many ways in comparison to most of the other creators that cover combat sports!


With the main star being my mullet AKA" Marvelous Mac the MMA Mullet"  who gives me all of my powers and is my better half per se in this Siamese twin arrangement we have LOL obviously with a Indiana neck bandana AKA Florida follicle fountain AKA West Virginia waterfall AKA Tennessee typhoon AKA Texas two step aka the Pensacola panty dropper AKA my mullet will have almost a mind of his own playing off that goofy concept.. with Marvelous Mac being 5000-0 in combat sports, being the one who beat forfeit into who he is today, whenever we walk into a room people ask "didyou see the guy on that Marvelous Mullet"?

Chuck Norris's hair is the length that it is because of Mac, Chuck didn't even want to attempt or show any type of disrespect, out of respect For Mullet Mac!!! The Fight Gods were made in his image aka the image of the MMA Messiah AKA marvelous Mac😂



Yes it is a fight-bas ed show but I will be bringing the spotlight to Indiana wrestling, College and international wrestling, boxing come and kickboxing, Muay thai, bare knuckle boxing Etc. 


My first episode of July 26th and I will have five episodes every Tuesday starting the 26th running through August 23rd 9:00 p.m. eastern time. I was also going to ask if Indiana Mat would want to be one of my clothing sponsors that will get you a lifetime plug on every episode that I do, social media plugs, and logo on my sponsorship Banner that is coined the Mullet Militia!!

Like most of you I've Loved this form for years and knew that a few people that kind of think I'm a ok fella wouldn't mind hearing the good news. I sure look good in a 800 lb gorilla shirt on Amazon Uncle Joe @Y2CJ41😂

My actual sponsorship ad that I made was, $150 for my first 5 episodes 30/each and have gotten a pretty good list going of pledges that are going to be my first set of sponsors! Second season starts in November and I'm going to adjust my rates accordingly but I was just hoping that Indiana Matt would take me up on a 1x gear sponsorship for infinite shout out / plugs on my show for the rest of my media existence 😂 

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