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32 minutes ago, gsmith58 said:



Where did this young man come from? That's a nice win. Elliot is pretty good.

I agree Elliot is tough he actually beat us last year…Its Cole’s third year of wrestling so he’s starting to figure it out. We have a handful of talented kids that are in their 3rd year ever wrestling that includes Cline and New at 220. 

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On 12/28/2021 at 10:59 AM, bigballerb said:

Brenton Russel pinned Chase Carrington.

His uncle HW Justin plank was a ticket rounder for NC that went from unlikely varsity starter like out of a movie to knocking off ranked guys into the ticket losing narrowly to Beech Grove state runner up Adam Baker by 1.

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Just some info, Fans there has been some Awesome wrestling going on at the

Mooresville Hol. Classic. I think that the Southern teams held their own and are 

going to bring the Heat in February at State. 

Today 126 , 182 & 195 weight classes have been well worth Admission for this

Great Tournament. I also want to tip my Hat to the former Studs that have came

back to Coach at a Program here in Indiana. LeCount-Delta , Stephenson-Ytown,

Runyan-Martinsville , Spicer- Owen Valley & DJ Smith- Monrovia. Those are Young

men that I have watched Succeed in this Sport. Wish everyone the Best , stay safe

and Keep up your Great efforts.   


                                                     Thank you , BigToe19

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17 minutes ago, gsmith58 said:

3 times. And, Billerman stuck Lykins just recently. That class is going to be a wide open war.

Especially after today!


At Mater Dei you have #3 Gilbert, #5 Bilerman, #10 Egli, #19 Zirklebach, and #20 Kessinger. Kessinger pinned Egli so that's one shakeup already!

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