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Michigan State Open

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Plenty of wrestlers with Indiana ties competing at the MSU open tomorrow morning, 9:30 ET start time. Here’s the list according to Flo, apologies if I missed anyone.

Standard Division
141 - Asa Garcia (Unattached)

141 - Jonathan Moran (Indiana)

141 - Alex Mosconi (Ohio)

149 - Ethan Smiley (Purdue)

157 - Jack Chesman (Indiana)

157 - Jonathan Kervin (Indiana)

157 - Jordan Slivka (Ohio)

165 - Isiah Levitz (Indiana)

174 - Joseph Walker (Michigan)

197 - Andrew Davison (Northwestern)

285 - Lucas Davison (Northwestern)


Freshman/Sophomore Division

133 - Christian White (Purdue)

141 - Noah Mis (Northern Illinois)

149 - Jaden Reynolds (Purdue)

149 - Zack Rotkvich (Indiana)

157 - Brennan Doyle (Purdue)

165 - Robert Major (Indiana)

174 - Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin)

174 - Bryer Hall (Ohio State)

184 - Mitch Hutmacher (Purdue)

197 - Evan Bates (Northwestern)

285 - Tristan Ruhlman (Purdue)









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Some of these guys didn't end up wrestling. Really nice days for a few guys. Bigger, younger Davison looking for real up at 285 with a couple clear-cut wins over ranked guys. 


Top 6's:



Slivka 3

A Davison 3

L Davison, champ



Mis 3
Rotkvich 5
Major 2
Calhoun 4
Hutmacher 6
Bates, champ
Ruhlman, champ

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