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2021 IHSWCA Team state question

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Where is this going to be held? Is each class going to go its separate way?


If this were the case it would make most sense to have it  at these places.

4A- Warren central HS - 4 mats- (Definitely big enough to host 1 class) (In team state)

3A- Franklin Community - 4 Mats (Definitely big enough to host 1 class and host Elem dual state next day) (In team state)

2A & 1A- FW Coliseum - 12 mats (I don't think any school is big enough to host, so put 2A & 1A at the Coliseum)


What are your guys thoughts? I don't think that the Coliseum is going to be able to host 4 classes at the same time and stay under capacity during COVID.




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Clearly with the Covid precautions spreading the divisions out is the safer option if at least some spectators want to be able to watch.  Schools with a decent size fieldhouse with moveable bleacher or multiple gyms with decent bleacher sets would be the likely option. But even with that type of space the spectator list maybe limited to immediate family members.   

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This is currently being solved. Not that I want to not give information, but I also don't want to give information out prematurely. But we have been working with FW Coliseum to see what we are capable of and also finding schools that would be good host schools if they are not capable of meeting our needs. Should have answers very soon.

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I love being able to watch several different teams and classes In one setting, but in this weird years circumstances; would be cool to have like a playoffs if you will. Just straight dual meets At host schools throughout Christmas break.  

obviously logistical nightmare and it’s an impossible pipe dream of mine, but I do think it’d be awesome 😂 

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