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Evansville Pre-Season Know-It-All

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Are we ready?!?!?!!? Will we all be in Evansville?!?!? Will we wrestle virtual?!?!?


Returning blingers - state placers

Window shoppers - state qualifiers

Don't sleep on - SSQ's that had close matches last year

Dirty Dozen - best P4P

I need some Fab Frosh's - feel free to comment or send me names!











Returning Blingers

  1. 1st Place - Logan Miller of Brownsburg

  2. 7th place -  Cash Turner of Edgewood

  3. 2nd Place - Cheaney Schoeff of Avon

  4. 4th Place - Lane Gilbert of Sullivan

  5. 5th Place - Cole Ross of Evansville Mater Dei

  6. 6th Place - Alec Freeman of Evansville Mater Dei

  7. 3rd Place - Kysen Montgomery of Brownsburg

  8. 7th Place - Ben Dalton of Monrovia

  9. 3rd Place - Hayden Watson of Center Grove

  10. 1st Place - Blake Boarman of Evansville Mater Dei

  11. 6th Place - James Conway of Floyd Central

  12. 3rd Place - Jaden Reynolds of Avon

  13. 4th Place - Riley Rust of Center Grove

  14. 4th Place - Jordan Fulks of Boonville

  15. 8th Place - Anthony Walker of Greenwood Community

  16. 8th Place - Samuel Morrill of Columbus East

  17. 5th Place - Tristan Ruhlman of Bloomington South

  18. 7th Place - Gabe Sollars of Evansville Mater Dei

  19. 6th Place - Drake Buchanan of Center Grove


Returning Window Shoppers


  1. Coy Hammack of Tell City

  2. Braden Haines of Brownsburg

  3. Delaney Ruhlman of Bloomington South

  4. Aydan Amento of Evansville Central

  5. Ashton Hayhurst of Evansville Mater Dei

  6. Connor Holt of Plainfield

  7. Conner Alcala of Decatur Central

  8. Landon Boe of Plainfield

  9. Brody Baumann of Evansville Mater Dei

  10. Jalen Ward of Franklin Community

  11. Isaiah Street of Brownsburg

  12. Harris Eason of Franklin Community

  13. Jacob Johnson of Franklin Community


Don’t sleep on 

  • Reed Egli of Evansville Mater Dei

  • Colin Knox of Charlestown

  • Chase Carrington of Greencastle

  • Gavinn Alstott of Floyd Central

  • Nicolas Castelluccio of Bloomington South

  • Lane Deckard of Edgewood

  • Tyler Conley of Avon

  • Nick Cicciarelli of Brownsburg

  • Scott Fitts of Evansville Mater Dei

  • Nathaniel Lommock of Terre Haute South Vigo

  • Kade Law of Columbus East

  • John Purdy of Castle

  • Brach Carrington of Greencastle

  • Manuel Ordorica of Charlestown

  • Blake Ritzert of Mt. Vernon

  • Jackson Burrell of Castle

  • Cordell Heuring of Boonville

  • Leighton Jones of Brownsburg

  • James Covey of Bedford North Lawrence

  • Joshua Howell of Terre Haute South Vigo

  • Matthew Munoz of Jeffersonville




The Dirty Dozen

  1. Blake Boarman of Evansville Mater Dei

  2. Logan Miller of Brownsburg

  3. Jaden Reynolds of Avon

  4. Lane Gilbert of Sullivan

  5. Cheaney Schoeff of Avon

  6. Kysen Montgomery of Brownsburg

  7. Hayden Watson of Center Grove

  8. Ben Dalton of Monrovia

  9. Riley Rust of Center Grove

  10. Jordan Fulks of Boonville

  11. James Conway of Floyd Central

  12. Tristan Ruhlman of Bloomington South

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Hey Triple B good work. Here are some Freshmen that were very dominate in MS years.


Preston Haines - Brownsburg

Reese Courtney - Center Grove

Seth Syra - Plainfield

Kaden McConnell - Center Grove

Brady Ison - Brownsburg

Hunter May - Floyd Central

Bray Emerine - Floyd Central

Drew Mills - Center Grove

Gunner Henry - Brownsburg


These are kids that stand out to me. I'm sure I missed some but this gets ball rolling!!  BT19 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Don't forget Will Nix 182 Martinsville. 


2x Semi-state Qualifier as frosh/soph


Missed all of last season with knee injuries. 


He had the 21-18 barn burner with Jeffersonville first round 2 years ago. That was 21-18 and I'm pretty sure the ref missed points for both guys lol

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