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IHPO & Tyrant Takeaways

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I feel like there wasn't much discussion on either of these events.  Here are a few things I saw from our Indiana guys.



Reed Egli wrestled well losing to Michigan state champ Wertanen.

CP's Bahl beat state qualifiers Cortez and Brady

Evan Dickey beat AZ state champ and finished with 4 wins

Brady beat incoming freshman Courtney 5-4 and Egli in sudden victory

Haines beat Seng in SV and finished the tournament with 5 wins taking 4th.

Toby Billerman beat Cortez 8-4

Courtney beat Seng 1-0


Gilbert lost in semi finals and finished the day with 4 wins.  Will he go 113 for the season?

KT Nelson is back and had 3 falls and a TF to make the finals and finish 2nd. Where will he land?(Perry, Ben Davis, or BB)

Sam Ford was KT's only non bonus point win.

Driver beat Schammert 5-1 and finished the day with 5 wins


Miller lost to Larkin who was later pinned by Schoeff.  Schoeff beat Frazier 2-0 and finished as the runner up.

IL freshman state champ Lemley is staying home his year and wrestling for Chesterton, instantly making them a title contender.  Lemley had a great tournament beating Lowery, Hooper, and Schoeff.

Hooper had a great tournament pinning Teusch, DQ over Ross, and a win over last years champ Cole Thomas.  Hooper took 3rd and earned an entry spot in Super32.


Glithero and Goin finished with 3 wins.  Solomey and Roberson finished with 4 runs each.

Zeke stole the show beating Ison(7-3), Goin(9-1), and Roberson(8-4)


Ian Heath beat Ohio stud Hart and beat Garcia 5-0.  Heath lost 3-2 to the finalist

Kysen lost to Fedalen twice 1-0.  Kysen beat IL champ Mylin and VanDyke

VanDyke then beat Alstott 4-3 

David Pierson won this bracket going 6-0.  Pierson beat Garcia 4-3.  Garcia beat Gunn 6-5.

Looks like Wagner is going 132 for the year and finished with 4 wins losing to Federlan 3-2


Cowan, Ruhlman, Ponce, and Alcala each picked up 4 wins.

Alcala beat Sinkovics, Cowan beat Alcala, and Otto Beat Alcala.

Hayhurst dropped his first match and then won 5 straight in loser bracket beating Conrad  along the way.

Mendez had 4 first period falls before beating #12 ranked Alanis in SV.


Blaze looked good up in weight losing close matches to state qualifiers Kaiser and Arthur 1-0 each.

Arthur gave eventual champ Gavin Brown a tough matching losing 4-2.

Crown Point's Estrada made the semi finals beating Larkin 7-6, Jeivan 13-5, and pinning Barnett.  Estrada finished 4th.

Koontz finished with 4 wins beating Haskin, Jeivan, and Barnett.

Watson was the most impressive beating Michigan state champ Hanau. Watson lost in the finals to #5 ranked Gavin Brown 3-2.


Conway made the finals winning 5 matches.  JJ beat Rust in SV 5-3 eventually losing to Reynolds 5-0.

Reynolds looked dominant winning all 6 of his matches.

Rust beat Fitts 4-1 and Anderson 6-4.

Brock beat Tattini 6-2

Hardcastle picked up 4 wins by eliminating both CP wrestlers Carter and Tattini


Camel's Major finished with 5 wins.  Baumann won 4 matches losing to the 1st and 3rd place wrestlers.

Urasley lost 5-1 to Baumann and then won 3 matches in consolations

Law won 3 matches before losing to eventual 3rd placer.


Bryer Hall went 5-1 on the day beating Eastlin who took out Timmerman and 8th grade Veazy.

Veazy is going to be problems when he arrives in HS next year, he finished 2-2.

Henry went 5-2 winning 4 in the consolations beating Mosconi and Kemper.

Welch won 4 matches losing to the 3rd place finisher.


Parker lost to the champ, but was able to come back and finish 3rd.

Layman looked good only losing to 1st and 4th placer.


Barket went 3-1 and finished 2nd 


Bates pinned to the finals before getting upset by Shephard helping him earn #18 ranking.

Ruhlman went 5-1 taking 3rd.  Tristan only loss was a 4-3 decision to Shephard.


Erb went undefeated going 4-0.


Indiana finished with 6 champs and probably should of had at least 2 more.


Tyrant Duals

-8th grade Jacob Hockaday finished 8-1 at 98lbs

-Haines with another strong weekend going 7-2 at 106

-Lowery looked great beating formally ranked Strickenberger and finishing 8-1 at 120

-Hooper finished 7-2 at 120

-incoming freshman Brady Ison finished 8-1 at 126

-Kysen went 7-2 at 132 beating Barnhart along the way

-Gavin Garcia went 8-1 at 138 

-Pierson coming off a IHPO win went 5-4 at 138

-Heath beat Pierson Manville and finished 5-4

-D. Ruhlman had some battles finishing 4-5

-Logan Wagner went 4-5 with a good win against Zurawski

-Holt went 7-2

-Koontz went 6-3 with good wins against Poore, Sarbo, and Cymmerman.

-Cody Goodwin went 6-3 as well with a 7-0 win against Koontz, Goodwin did take losses to 2 guys Koontz beat.

-Freshman Emerine went 7-2 at 152

-Rust went 5-4 with a good win over 2X NY 4th placer Schubert

-Anderson went 8-1 with his only loss to #8 Gibson

-Law finished 8-1 as well

-incoming freshman Gunner Henry finished 7-2

-Duke went 8-1 with his only loss to #19  Duvall in SV.

-Griffin Ison finished 6-3 for the weekend

-Tristan Ruhlman finished 7-2 with one of the losses to #14 Misita


Overall I think Indiana is starting to open other states eyes.  Great 2 weekends of wrestling.




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Great Post! 


If I may be so bold as to add one more name to the list.  At 163 Sam Morrill from Columbus East finished 3rd only losing to eventual champ Lee 6-4 in the semis.  


Again great read...nice job supporting the guys. 

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