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Team Gear Purchases This Year....It's ugly

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I wanted to reach out to all coaches in the state that I have coached in for 30 years, and supplied uniforms for for 20 years.  This is not a topic to solicit business.  This is simply advice from somebody who knows the business and wants all wrestling programs to have good experiences.


If you need (or plan to buy) uniforms or any type of apparel this season, (whether you are purchasing from me or not),  Please take my advice and be sure to ask where the items are being manufactured.  Whether your vendor tells you the truth or not, the fact is that the "supply chain" is broken world wide due to COVID.  We are seeing weird things happen that the manufacturers do not have control over.  These issues WILL effect deliveries.  Some cannot get raw material (the cloth used to produce your garments), some factories are running at less than 50% capacity due to not being able to bring back enough employees, and we have even seen huge disruption in the ability for Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL type companies to even get the product out of those countries and into the states.  If you order from some companies you are taking a huge risk.  You may or may not ever see your gear.  It's a cruel hard fact in this crazy world right now.  Be Careful coaches and now more than ever, ORDER EARLY and BUY AMERICAN!!



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