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Semi-state brackets from 2000-2006?

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Since I have been stuck at home with all this extra time on my hands I have tackled the task of converting my old wrestling videotapes to digital. With that I am wondering who stopped certain wrestlers from making it to state. Just curious if I can locate semi-state brackets from 2000-2006 to add to my collection of wresting junk. I have New Castle 2001-2003. I would appreciate it and bonus if it has scores!


Please send me a message if you would be willing to help! Thanks



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Thanks, I’ve been checking out that website. Which is what lead me down this rabbit hole! 😂 I’m wondering more about the ticket round matches that it doesn’t show. 
I just sent Jason and email. Thanks for the idea!

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Posted (edited)

2000, 2001, & 2002 are the only ones I were able to dig up so far, and they were buried pretty deep online


I was able to find FW SS 2004, but its on a Geocities site loaded with spam, so i prefer not to put the link on here, so I will paste on word and attach a file


I also have a physical copy of 2006 FWSS as well, that I could scan and attach if wanted

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2 hours ago, NavyGonzo said:

Nice to have the info preserved! Not your fault Geosites hasn't had patches in 10 years

It’s sad this generation of children will never experience the amazing world of Geocities sites.  I mean look at all the color, the animation, the content.  How could someone let this resource fall apart. 

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Posted (edited)



I'm sorry I don't have most of the scores and some of these may be inaccurate as they are all handwritten but here you go from my old semi state brackets.  The only scores written in the old brackets were the semifinals.  Apologize for any errors or misspellings


New Castle 2004 (Records from brackets in parenthesis)



Round One


Frank Martinez FF (29-8) Bye

Jon Lloyd WC (37-2) defeat Patrick Cohen Cath (26-10)

Brice Cleland Pike (35-3) defeat Scott Allen AH (19-5)

Hal Huynh BA (24-12) Bye

Joshua Leppink LN (38-8) Bye

Josh Sung HSE (37-4) defeat Tom Hahn GB (24-17)

Chris Vawter CCen (20-2) defeat Paul Segrist SD (42-5)

Ethan Harris BG (32-4) Bye


Quarter Finals

Lloyd WC over Martinez FF

Cleland Pike over Huynh BA

Sung HSE over Leppink LN

Harris BG over Vawter CC



Lloyd WC dec Cleland Pike 9-3

Harris BG dec Sung HSE 9-2


Championship and 3rd Place match

Lloyd WC over Harris BG

Sung HSE over Cleland Pike





Round One


Jake Fleckenstein EC (37-6) Bye

Tyler Pino LN (28-1) defeat Ronard Pike Pike (31-9)

Travis Banks PM (39-5) defeat Jason Higbee Tip (31-10)

Felipe Perez FF (34-2) Bye

Danny Coyne BG (32-2) Bye

Gary Black NC (43-8) defeat Seth Einterz ZV (13-21)

Devin Lane CP (33-4) defeat Anthony Ridge HG (35-7)

Cody Tappan And (26-7) Bye


Quarter Finals

Pino LN over Fleckenstein EC

Banks PM over Perez FF

Coyne BG over Black NC

Tappan And over Lane CP



Pino LN dec Banks PM 5-2

Coyne BG dec Tappan And 11-8


Championship and 3rd Place match

Pino LN over Coyne BG

Banks PM over Tappan And



Round One


Patrick Turner PT (38-3) Bye

Michael Pittman GB (28-6) defeat Zach Leffel LC (24-17)

Tim McGinley Cath (37-3) defeat Joey Hollstegge EC (21-7)

Alex Foster NM (32-1) Bye

David Gans LN (41-0) Bye

Zach Meyer WF (32-7) defeat Tommy May PM (28-13)

Peter Carleton Car (35-8) defeat John Coffey BB(27-14)

Garret Baker FCoun (30-6) Bye


Quarter Finals

Pittman GB over Turner PT

McGinley Cath over Foster NM

Gans LN over Meyer WF

Baker FCoun over Carleton Car



McGinley Cath over Pittman GB

Gans LN over Baker FCoun


Championship and 3rd Place match

Gans LN over McGinley Cath

Baker FCoun over Pittman GB



Round One


Kyle Murphy GB (30-8) Bye

Michael Beltrame Cath (31-6) defeat Jacob Davis TR 39-2

Ben Hiatt WF (28-12) defeat Daniel Schroeder NoC (19-16)

Kevin Clem PM (40-2) Bye

Scott Kelly Car (40-2) Bye

Ronald Sampson WC (27-14) defeat Randy Gibson CC (33-6)

Nick Miles MV (32-3) defeat Adam Louge UC (43-4)

Reece Humphrey LN (45-0) Bye


Quarter Finals

Murphy GB over Beltrame Cath

Clem PM over Hiatt WF

Kelly Car over Sampson WC

Humphrey LN over Miles MV



Clem PM dec Murphy GB 4-0

Humphrey maj dec Kelly Car 13-5


Championship and 3rd Place match

Humphrey LN over Clem PM

Kelly Car over Murphy GB




Round One


Zach Aspling LN  (35-8) Bye

Josiah Wagoner ZV (31-11) defeat Andrew White Pike (34-7)

Jarret Mahurin TrCen (38-3) defeat John Degler HSE (34-7)

David Lockwood EC (29-8) Bye

Nate Cravens SM (31-3) Bye

Matt Durham LC (38-6) defeat Tyler Jones Cen (32-6)

Dedrick Harrison Cath (35-6) defeat Mark Mathews UC (44-7)

Randy Smiley WC (33-7) Bye


Quarter Finals

Aspling LN over Wagoner ZV

Mahurin TrCen over Lockwood EC

Durham LC over Cravens SM

Harrison Cath over Smiley WC



Aspling LN dec Mahurin TrCen 10-6

Durham LC over Harrison Cath


Championship and 3rd Place match

Aspling LN over Durham LC

Harrison Cath over Mahurin TrCen




Round One


Nick Walpole PM (40-4) Bye

Jason Kelsey SM (22-6) defeat Bryan Jansen EC (31-13)

Jared Tribbett Craw (32-3) defeat Daniel Sutton NC (40-9)

Michael Albert LN (36-10) Bye

AJ Bryson UC (40-9) Bye

Blake Kenney NoC (33-10) defeat Nate Schiller RC (25-13)

Mark Huser Cath (31-6) defeat Steve Logan NP (37-4)

Bryan Gaskill Car (39-3) Bye


Quarter Finals

Walpole PM over Kelsey SM

Albert LN over Tribbett Craw

Kenney NoC over Bryson UC

Huser Cath over Gaskill Car



Walpole PM over Albert LN 5-4

Huser Cath over Kenney NoC 8-7


Championship and 3rd Place match

Huser Cath over Walpole PM

Albert LN over Kenney NoC





Round One


Ben Hoover  HH (32-1) Bye

Ron Wilger SD (30-5) defeat Patrick Hilton ZV (28-6)

Brett Weigel BA (22-13) defeat Matt Malcolm WF (31-9)

Bobby Slaymon FC (33-2) Bye

Clint Cory TR (36-4) Bye

Thomas Johnson LN (34-5) defeat Ryan Esselborn Ronc (22-6)

David Barnes NoC (35-6) defeat Brad Herman PT (35-3)

Michael Bennett NC (43-4) Bye


Quarter Finals

Wilger SD over Hoover HH

Slaymon FC over Weigel BA

Johnson LN over Cory TR

Barnes NoC over Bennett NC



Slaymon FC maj dec Wilger SD 11-1

Johnson LN man dec Barnes NoC 9-1


Championship and 3rd Place match

Johnson LN over Slaymon FC

Barnes NoC over Wilger SD




Round One


Zach Steven HSE (27-7) Bye

Wayne Bond PH (27-2) defeat Matt Carter NC (28-7)

Rodney Stearns Cath (38-1) defeat Cody Walker Shen (23-15)

Eric Aue PM (40-4) Bye

Danny Busch EC (39-4) Bye

Cory Boyles FF (32-3) defeat Carson Coons FC (22-9)

Chris Combellick Car (32-6) defeat Cahamalan Porter BD (30-14)

Corey Schneider LN (44-2) Bye


Quarter Finals

Bond PH over Steven HSE

Aue PM over Stearns Cath

Busch EC over Boyles FF

Schneider LN over Combellick Car



Aue PM maj dec Bond PH 10-2

Scheider LN dec Busch EC 7-4


Championship and 3rd Place match

Schneider LN over Aue PM 

Busch EC over Bond PH





Round One


Jerry Gordon LC (37-0) Bye

Jessy Walley NP (35-6) defeat Cory Garrard NC (36-6)

Tom Fish MV dec Pat Pattmore NE (11-6)

Donny Bryant FF (33-4) Bye

Steven James Pike (36-2) Bye

Calvin Beamon Man (41-6) defeat Paul Wrighton HSE (28-11)

Marcus Young Cath (32-5) defeat Alex Mukai NV (23-5)

Joey Gibbs UC (47-2) Bye


Quarter Finals

Gordan LC over Walley NP

Fish MV over Bryant FF

James Pike over Beamon Man

Young Cath over Gibbs UC



Gordon LC maj dec Fish MV 16-6

James Pike maj dec Young Cath 16-3


Championship and 3rd Place match

James Pike over Gordon LC

Young Cath over Fish MV




Round One


Chris Barnhizer UC (46-1) Bye

Kenny Jordan Leb (31-3) defeat Bart Bridge PT (35-9)

Allen Eldridge PM (37-7) defeat Ryan Hatch Car (26-8)

Chaz Ervin LC  (34-2) Bye

Keith Hodges BD (40-2) Bye

Daniel Head TrCen (37-4) defeat Denver King Cen (33-7)

Johnny Hughes NC (37-9) defeat Zach Webb AH (29-5)

John Cramsey Craw (19-0) Bye


Quarter Finals

Barnhizer UC over Jordan Leb

Ervin LC over Eldridge PM

Hodges BD over Head TrCen

Cramsey Craw over Hughes



Ervin LC over Barnhizer UC 3-2

Hodges BD over Cramsey Craw 5-1


Championship and 3rd Place match

Ervin LC over Hodges BD

Cramsey Craw over Barnhizer UC




Round One


Bryan Jennings NP (38-1) Bye

Brad Wiley PH (30-11) defeat Brendan Davitt Car (34-6)

Cody Martin FF (31-2) defeat Matt Cosgrove LN (30-9)

Chris Owens NC (35-6) Bye

Jeremy Nunemacher Tip (37-3)Bye

Damon Roessler BG (17-9) defeat Steve Thompson Shen (31-5)

Ryan McElwain FC (31-7) defeat Tony Armogida (BA) 25-5

Patrick Turner HSE (30-5) Bye


Quarter Finals

Jennings NP over Wiley PH

Martin FF over Owens NC

Roessler BG over Nunemacher Tip

Turner HSE over McElwain FC



Martin FF dec Jennings NP 3-2

Roessler BG dec Turner HSE 11-4


Championship and 3rd Place match

Roessler BG over Martin FF

Turner HSE over Jennings NP




Round One


Danny Goff ZV (37-2) Bye

Derek Dunn WC (28-6) defeat Jake Wagner Tri (33-6)

Casey Caldwell UC (40-3) defeat Mike McIntyre BG (32-6) 

Clark Tebbe Tip (30-5) Bye

Jonathan Kolb FCoun (24-3) Bye

David Chandler LN (32-14) defeat Jordan McGaughey NM (26-5)

Scott Tidwell TR (37-6) over Paul Crimmins LC (12-11)

Sam Elmore Ritter  (31-0) Bye


Quarter Finals

Dunn WC over Goff ZV

Caldwell UC over Tebbe Tip

Kolb FCoun over Chandler LN

Elmore Ritter over Tidwell TR



Caldwell UC pin Dunn WC

Elmore Ritter maj dec Kolb FCoun 18-4


Championship and 3rd Place match

Elmore Ritter over Caldwell UC

Kolb FCoun over Dunn WC



Round One


Chad Singer Car  (35-3) Bye

Matthew Peterson AR (28-11) defeat Tyler Hayes RI (28-9)

Robbie Helton UC (40-6) defeat Dusty Miller LC (26-10)

Tim McElwain Pike (34-4) Bye

Arik Wolfe UC (36-0) Bye

Matt Whyde MV (36-5) defeat Ryan Gibbons Sher (18-1)

Nick Clifton RO (28-3) defeat Josh Lee FF (28-8)

Josh Locke LN (38-11) Bye


Quarter Finals

Singer Car over Peterson AR

McElwain Pike over Helton UC

Wolf EC over Whyde MV

Clifton RO over Locke LN



Singer Car pin McElwain Pike

Wolf EC dec Clifton RO 8-3


Championship and 3rd Place match

Wolf EC over Singer Car

Clifton RO over McElwain Pike




Round One


Sean Foley WC (28-8)Bye

Mike McNelis CH (34-4) defeat Jeremy Redd CO (24-11)

Justin Bischoff FCoun (23-10) defeat Brandt Hollander NC (24-8)

Christian Hall CCen (21-3) Bye

Maurice Gunn LN (45-1) Bye

James Wood Car (32-5) defeat Chris Robinson Pike (20-10)

Chuck Robinson ZV (36-3) defeat Andrew Quintana MV (32-9)

Jordan Caudill MI (39-2) Bye


Quarter Finals

Foley WC over McNelis CH

Bischoff FCoun over Hall CCen

Gunn LN over Wood Car

Robinson ZV over Caudill MI



Foley WC pin Bischoff FCoun

Gunn LN dec Robinson ZV 3-1


Championship and 3rd Place match

Gunn LN over Foley WC

Robinson ZV over Bischoff FCoun

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