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USA Wrestling Magazine Scholastic All-Americans

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Congratulations to Silas Allred, Joseph Walker and Alec Viduya on becoming USA Wrestling Magazine Scholastic All-Americans. 

Exercising as much effort in the classroom as you do in a particular sport opens up so many more doors of opportunity. In a sport like like wrestling, where scholarship dollars are highly coveted and extremely limited, the ability to offset the investment of athletic money with academic money is a huge advantage for would-be recruits. It should also be recognized that consistency of effort in the classroom and into growing your character, demonstrates well rounded drive & effort....not just a one dimensional talent in a particular sport. Coaches and other recruiters recognize this dynamic, and feel much safer investing in these type of athletes. 
So make sure you don’t get lost in the guise of “wins & losses” on the mat. Have the foresight to recognize how winning on your biology or calculus final can equally impact your goals. Even the often unnoticed effort of smiling at a stranger, being a friend to the kid sitting by themselves at lunch, etc., will assist in all your collective aspirations.  Make your goals first to be a good human, then a great student, and lastly an elite athlete. 100% effort into that priority line will take you to places many feel aren’t possible. 


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