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Coach Hull

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Indiana Wrestling Community,


I'd like to take this time and first hope everyone is well in the midst of this hot mess we are in.  As much as we are in a rush to "get back to normal" we are also all forced to account for an unseen enemy that has affected us all.  Although bred to handle adversity, the wrestling community has had to battle complacency, laziness, boredom, fear, uncertainty, safety, loss of finances and interest, etc. in some form or fashion across the country throughout this.  However, perseverance, strength, wisdom and hope are the basis not only for survival but also to thrive!


With that said we would like introduce our innovative new Online Training Center specifically designed to provide wrestlers a chance train and connect with some of their favorite wrestlers and coaches - without ever leaving their home!  This platform features daily live streamed practices with a world-class lineup of Olympians, World Champions, NCAA Champions and more! Additional services also include Virtual 1-on-1 private sessions with some of your favorite wrestlers, eCamps and eClinics, exclusive podcasts and technique with some of the best in the business, and much, much more!


For only $20 per month members are able to get trained by some of the best in world, Monday - Friday.  Below is our current schedule that is growing weekly as we continue to build the best line-up and service for the national wrestling community.  We will be adding a 7 p.m. class soon to provide everyone with more options and ensure all time zones have at least two practices a day.:



12 p.m. Reece Humphrey - 2020 Coach of the Year

4 p.m. Jesse Porter - 3x World Team Member



12 p.m. Bryce Meredith - 2x NCAA Finalist

4 p.m. J'den Cox - 2x World Champion



12 p.m. Alexandria Glaude - U23 World Bronze Medalist

4 p.m. Kamal Bey - Junior World Champion



4 p.m. Pat Lugo - NCAA All-American




12 p.m. Mallory Velte - World Bronze Medalist

4 p.m. Jesse Porter - 3x World Team Member


As we grow across the country with this platform, it is natural that we spread love throughout our home state in an effort to get as many Indiana athletes and coaches of all levels involved!  Whether you are going to self-quarantine inside or eagerly rush back on the mat with your club or school, this opportunity is second to none for coaches, parents and athletes.  It keeps kids involved, on a schedule, continuing to progress in the sport, increasing their confidence and discipline, raises their wrestling IQ and expectations!


There are a variety of membership options available, all of which have massive amounts of value.  We are gearing up to have an exciting future ahead of us on this platform and would love to see as many Indiana folks involved!


To register or find out more information, please visit www.legendsofgold.org


Stay safe, Indiana!


Yours in wrestling,


Coach Hull





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