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Indiana All-Time Dual Team

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I saw this posted online and thought it might be fun..


Using current weights and wrestlers only from Indiana— who’s your pick for an all time College dual team. 

125 - Angel Escobedo 

133 - Stevan Micic 

149- Jason Tsirtsis






HWT - Mason Parris

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125 - Angel Escobedo (champ, 4th, 5th, world top 5)

133 - Stevan Micic (2nd, 3rd, world top 5)
141 - Nick Lee (5th, 5th, current clear top 2)

149 - Jason Tsirtsis (champ, 3rd, 7th)

157 - Dave Lilovich (4th, 7th)

165 - Andrew Howe (champ, 2nd twice, 3rd)

174 - Bud Palmer (2nd, 3rd)

184 - Keith Davison (3rd, 5th)

197 - Riley Lefever (undefeated D3, as high as #3 on Team USA senior depth chart)

HWT - Mason Parris (current clear top 2)

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