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I feel that accumulating Indianamat Bananas is much like accumulating Schrute Bucks on The Office. Having said that, @Y2CJ41 what is the cash value of a single banana? 1 one-hundredth of a cent?


Currently I have 24,700 bananas.  Have we come to times during this Coronavirus pandemic that we start bartering goods for Indianamat Bananas?


How many bananas for a pack of tp? 


Asking for a friend.

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Since I’m considered a Bananas #tycoon #czar #kingpin #godfather with a whooping 50k+🍌 in these parts of Indiana. That’s like 950 million USD estimated . Thinking about acquiring of IHSAA traveling ban, ripping it up, throwing it in a fiery trash can . Everyone can thank Notorious later 😂bobby jindal fire GIF 
Burn Baby Burn ! 

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