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I noticed this year more than I have in any years’ past, a lot of people–wrestlers, coaches, and fans alike–were ready for freestyle season to be under way. It’s been said over the years by an innumerable amount of coaches in addition to our nation’s top wrestlers multiple times over that the United States should completely make the transition to freestyle wrestling in college and high school as it is the Olympic style anyway. How do you guys think a state like Indiana would look in Freestyle? It’s always interesting to see those guys who’s skills are better equipped for Freestyle versus the more mat-based Folkstyle. I think Freestyle would be more competitive in Indiana. There would be a lot more incentive to score with the push-out and passivity rules.

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I do not know if it would help on the international scene, we seem to do decent, and the wrestlers who compete for the USA seem to get plenty of freestyle. I would however like to see some of the rules in folkstyle, the push out rule being top among them. 

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