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Ersland has taken Purdue to a new level

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Congrats to the Boilermakers 5th place finish.   2 Finalists and 8 national qualifiers is outstanding.  This was a hell of a tournament for Purdue.

Im predicting, Purdue will end the All-American drought in two weeks.  I think 3 or 4 All-Americans at NCAAs.  


I guess it takes some break through the ceiling,  but Ersland did that this weekend.   His first 5 years looked like the same old Purdue, near the bottom of the Big 12.  I kind of expected the same status quo.   But this year they  look formidable.   They were just behind a down Penn State, but the Boilers were competing with the Nitany Lions, and that's saying something.


I hope Ersland leverages this success in the recruiting process.


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Purdue wrestled at or above their seed in every weight except for 197, where Brunner is hurt and defaulted out after he qualified for nationals. Good to see Schroder and Coleman wrestle tougher against their respective studs. And how about Dylan Lydy? He got teched by Mark Hall 2 years ago, majored last year, and got within a point this year. What a great showing by the Boilers!

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They are wrestling tough - were some tough losses, but also several kids with wins against previous losses in the season.  I had multiple people come up to me and say - Purdue is looking great!  We need to keep the momentum rolling - had to be one of the very top teams in wrestling to or above seeds.  I believe all the qualifiers ahead of Penola when he took the mat is what propelled him to victory too!  (Other than just being a hard-nosed wrestler)!  Nobody wants to be left home, and TFM - he will be there next year too!  Also kuddos to Nate Limmex for stepping up and giving it a shot - class act - to bad he had to go out that way.  But it just shows - this group of kids do it as a team - no show-offs, hotshots, - just bunch of kids grinding!!  Now off to the BANK!!

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