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After hearing them announce Allred was the 8th to do it, I had to check my extensive records and it looks like that is true. The crazy thing is in 2015 it was done THREE times. Here is the list of those with four falls at the state finals.


1991- James Dickerson
1998- DJ Radanovich

2011- Trey Reese
2015- Tommy Cash
2015- Blake Rypel
2015- Shawn Streck
2018- Mason Parris
2020- Silas Allred


There are three people with three pins in the one state finals, here they are with their placings

Year Name Place
2004 Chad Ruggeri 1st
2006 Dexter Larimore 1st
2011 Jared McKinley 1st
2012 Mitch Sliga 1st
2013 Mitch Sliga 1st
2013 Stevan Micic 1st
2014 Brendon Kelley 1st
2014 Chad Red 1st
2014 Wesley Bernard 1st
2016 Blake Rypel 1st
2016 Jacob Covaciu 1st
2016 Mason Parris 1st
2016 Shawn Streck 1st
2017 Andrew Davison 1st
2017 Mason Parris 1st
2018 Eli Pokorney 1st
2020 Alex Cottey 1st
2007 Derek Traversa 2nd
2010 Devon Jackson 2nd
2010 James Travis 2nd
2012 Brenden Campbell 2nd
2014 Blake Rypel 2nd
2014 Norman Oglesby 2nd
2016 Jeremiah Reitz 2nd
2017 Isaiah McWilliams 2nd
2018 Jordan Rader 2nd
2020 Jake Lone 2nd
2004 Joe Piwoszkin 3rd
2009 Kyle Mosier 3rd
2013 Anthony Linnear 3rd
2013 Wesley Bernard 3rd
2020 Elliott Rodgers 3rd
2015 Dru Berkebile 5th
2018 Jaden Sonner 5th
2019 David Pierson 5th
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34 minutes ago, jpt189 said:

DJ Radnovich from Gibson southern in 1998 pinned all 4 opponents to win state. Finished 48-0 with 47 pins.

also, I believe I’d seen before that James Dickerson from new castle in 1995 did the same thing

Thanks, not sure why that didn't register in my query.

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