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What If...? – IHSAA Fantasy Realignment

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What if the IHSAA State Finals were run like the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in which the wrestlers qualified via a single qualifying tournament that either be a conference or regional championship where each one was allowed a certain number of allocations? The NCAA selection process sees 290 automatic bids and 40 wrestlers voted in via at-large bids with RPIs and what not playing a huge role. We know this would never happen, but suspend your disbelief here for a bit and just think of a seeded IHSAA tournament. How would something like this work in Indiana and do you think it would be successful? Do you think it would diminish the value of being a state qualifier in Indiana? Would it be easier to qualify or would it be harder?

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Just now, Y2CJ41 said:

It would be a disaster because coaches wouldn't report their results.

That and the schools who wrestle no one during season that walk into the postseason either undefeated or with almost no losses earning high seeds would throw things off. 

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If everybody were required to report every result and we could genuinely use an RPI rating to allocate the slots, it wouldn't matter so much how weak schedules were because the RPI calculation provides significant incentives for wrestling good people. It wouldn't be good for seeding, but it would be sufficient for an allocation process.

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