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State tournament class statistics to not necessarily incite class wrestling discussion

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In all fairness....I think Silas has solidified himself as a pretty special talent regardless of school size.  So with all do respect, I genuinely feel to draw a question about why aren’t more 1A or 2

This whole thread and group of replies has became ridiculous.  I feel that there's a lot of common sense left out of many statements made in this thread.   We just had a kid become a two tim

Let me just throw in here...   TEAM class wrestling = YES INDIVIDUAL class wrestling = NO   How in the wide world of sports did Silas Allred possibly manage to compete at the

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14 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

Just came across this gem in the May 1993 Indiana Grappler


It does look like Idaho potato paper, looking kinda suspicious. I agree with @Cosgrove and @rookie78

My suspicions radar went off on the what looks to be a “B” up there . That must stand for “Baked”

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