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IHSWCA Hall of Fame Induction Today

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Great time today at the IHSWCA HoF ceremony. Always a blast seeing coaching/officiating legends and contributors who worked to build our sport.


2019 Harold F. Mumby Award: Asa Garcia

2020 Don Patton Head Coach of the Year: Erich Highley of Northridge High School

2020 Randy Helfrich Assistant Coach of the Year: John Bray of Edgewood High School

2019 Tom Cameron Administrative Award: Keith Nance of West Washington High School

John W. Hurrle Award: Joe & Beth Lybarger

2019 Media Award: Mike Beas of Johnson County Daily Journal



Michael Escobedo II of Lake Central High School

Josh Harper of Mishawaka High School

Andrae Hernandez of Griffith High School

Dan Pleak of Cathedral High School


Jack Grimaldi of Delta/Alexandria/Pendleton Heights

Cale Hoover of Hamilton Southeastern/Center Grove 

Tim Klingensmith of Jay County

Brian Seltzer of Elkhart Memorial/Lawrence North/Cathedral


Kevin Troy  Wrestler/Coach/IHSAA Official

Jeff Schaefer  Wrestler/Coach/Vendor

Historian's Family Award

Joseph Gremaux Family

Billy Thom Award

Frankie Medvesek


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18 minutes ago, 4U2NV said:

It’s too bad that these great individuals and their historic contributions to Indiana wrestling are not recognized during the state finals. 

That maybe more of a IHSAA thing since it’s not through them.  

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23 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

Congrats to all!


I really wish the IHSWCA would promote this event more. It seems like a secret society that gets the information about it every year.


23 hours ago, Coach Humble said:

I don’t think it is a secret society but you do make a valid point. I will suggest to Secretary Sam Riesen, up your way, to get the info to you to help us promote the event. Thanks 

Joe I completely agree with your sentiment on this.  It is a very busy time of year for us coaches, and Scott Schwarz does a fantastic job running it.  I will work in the future to promote it more during the year and before the finals.  

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9 hours ago, ENoblewrestling said:

Below is a link with the information about who is in the HOF





The search filter does not seem to be working, but if you look at the links at the top you can see who is in.


That is fixed now


Gonna work on getting the new members in this week

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