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Illinois State Finals!

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Mount Carmel results..


113 Sergio Lemley won 3A and finished 35-3. 

120 Colton Drousias got 3rd and finished 33-5.

132 Noah Mis won 3A and finished 35-4.  


How would these kids finish in Indiana?


Lemley beat KT and L. Frazier at the IHPO in 2019. Lemley finished as a two time middle school state champ and finished 5th once.

Drousias beat Aiden Torres 6-0 and lost to ZEKE 2-5 at the IHPO in 2019. He finished 1st and 3rd in middle school state.

Mis had no recent Indiana results but..He won Indiana middle school state twice and got 2nd once.  He has wins over Conley, Rioux, and Zeke and had a loss to Boarman.


Lemley is on Cottey's level. Would have made for a great state finals match.

Drousias is a solid top 5. 120 is stacked in Indiana.

Mis is top 2. Him and Mendez would have been a good match. Mis beat the kid who gave Mendez his only L.


Other notable results.. 



120 Josh Koderhandt won 3A. Josh also won Mater Dei this year at 126. He beat Alstott 7-2. This was after Alstott had beat Lowery (who won Indiana state yesterday) 3-2.


285 Olmstead got 3rd place in 3A. Olmstead beat Dancy 1-0 at Mater Dei.

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49 minutes ago, AlaskanMountie said:

MattM is correct, Bolivar dropped to 132 for the state series. Looks like he went 1-2 this weekend and didn’t even sniff the podium. He got beat 8 times this season, as well. I know Illinois is stronger than Indiana but this loss is hard to explain. 

Similar to Jason Tsirtsis losing to Anthony Napules?

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182: (Dekalb) over Aaron Ayala Fall :33 (0-6)

195: (Dekalb) over Matt McElroy(CP) Dec 9-5 (0-9)

220: (Dekalb) over Jake Woods(CP) Fall 5:39 (0-15)

285: #9 George Colbert(Dekalb) over Jack Ruess(CP) Fall :23 (0-21)

106: Sam Goin(CP) over #2 Ben Aranda(Dekalb) Fall 5:15 (6-21)

113: Logan Frazier(CP) over (Dekalb) Fall 2:35 (12-21)

120: Riley Bettich(CP) over FF (18-21)

126: Stephen Roberson over #7 Blake Mcgee(Dekalb) Dec 2-0 (21-21)

132: Jesse Mendez over #3 Tommy Curran(Dekalb) Maj 21-7 (25-21)

138: Cody Goodwin(CP) over (Dekalb) Fall 1:23 (31-21)

145: Orlando Cruz(CP) over (Dekalb) Dec 5-3 (34-21)

152: #5 Damien Lopez(Dekalb) over Seth Wwillems(CP) Maj 23-11 (34-25)

160: #2 Bradley Gillum(Dekalb) over Noah Hollendoner(CP) Dec 5-3 (34-28)

170: (Dekalb) over Nick Taborski(CP) Dec 4-2 (34-31)

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34 minutes ago, smitty11 said:

The Mendez/Bolivar result is puzzling. Even with Mendez going up a wt. I assume he wins that match 9 out of 10 times.  I thought I heard he got caught on his back late after being up??

Check out Sig’s post on this thread for the details.  


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3A 132 was full of tough kids this year.  A lot of the 3A dudes from top teams also wrestle national tourneys like the Cheesehead and Ironman etc., so a lot of the losses they take are to out of state studs or each other.  Montini's guy was a frosh with 11 losses and he beat the kid who knocked out Bolivar to end up 3rd.  He beat that same kid also in the 1st round.

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I know you can't go off of who your opponent beat, but the level of competitor that Sergio took down in the finals is ranked in the top 10 in the country. Not sure how Sergio would've stacked up against the IN competition this year, but I think he would've had the same result in both states. Very impressed with Sergio's mentality and technique throughout the entire IL state tournament. Being his coach last season, he has made a huge jump in a year and I can't wait to see how big of a jump he makes this off season! 


 @Silence Dogood As far as my loss to Anthony Napules... All I can say is he stuck to a great game plan but I got him back 9-1 under the lights at Merrillville a couple weeks later ;). Losses are great motivational tools lol

Diego Sotelo.png

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