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Many of these streaks are incredible, but...


Maybe everyone should list where they are coming from as well. 20+ years in a row is impressive regardless, but it is more impressive if you travel from one of the corners of the state compared to the Indy Metro area.


I have attended the EVV SS every year since it has been held here but I live in Evansville. I have only been to the State Finals twice. I guess I'm the equivalent of a 'fair weather' fan.

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My brother and I have gone every year since 2009. We have made it a tradition, this year will be first year my nephew is tagging along! 


Favorite wrestlers to watch the last couple of years. Jarred Brooks and Stevan Micic. 

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9 hours ago, CFleshman said:

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this by my Coach Phil Gibson in 1986. Haven't missed any since. 1 trip as a wrestler and 9 as a coach. Still miss Market Square 

Phil had a streak going until his son decided to get married on a state weekend. 

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