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Middle School Team State Picks

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What a great tournament! Very proud of our middle school runner up finish.


1. Center Grove

2. Jay County

3. Brownsburg

4. Hamilton SE

5. Portage

6. Perry Meridian

7. Avon

8. Franklin Central

9. Delta

10. Carmel

11. Franklin

12. Penn

13. Noblesville

14. Martinsville

15. Edgewood

16. Bloomington South.

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Congrats to all teams that participated in yesterday's event.  It was very successful and was well ran.

With that being said obviously congrats go to the Champions Center Grove and the runner up Jay County and 3rd place finisher Brownsburg as well.

I want to recognize another team for what I feel sometimes gets over looked and goes without mentioning too often.  At the end of the day the voice on the microphone announced that we would ask all teams to do their part in cleaning up their area.  While myself and a couple other ISWA directors, board members and the president were collecting our equipment someone commented to the Perry Meridian team and coaches that we appreciated them cleaning up their area.  They advised us they had already cleaned up their area and were cleaning up another area on their way out the door.

Then after that was completed 2 kids from that team came to the ISWA President and myself and very politely & respectfully asked if there was anything else they could do to help us and thanked us for the day.

Keep in mind these are MS kids showing the maturity and grace of what we would expect from most if not all of our HS age kids.


Now this is where I should and would normally make a joke at the expense of @lewdwar but in this case I feel its best to just keep it classy and say thank you and you are doing a great job mentoring and leading those kids and it definitely is showing !!!! 



Jason Miller ISWA Kids Director

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Would anyone be in favor of doing a class system for Middle School Team State.  I think my team could be competitive against team our size but we can't compete against teams that are combining 3 middle schools to make one team.  Thoughts on making 2 or 3 divisions?  

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