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160 state finals...best potential match of entire finals

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Lots of talk about other weight classes...not much about 160.  I am betting this to be the match of the night...Levitz vs. Dickens.  Only common opponent was Rodgers.  Both have beat him.  Levitz and Dickens haven't been "tested" yet.  Levitz has a lot to prove that small school wrestlers can come out on top, as well as being Prairie Heights first individual state champ.  Dickens has been #1 all year but not tested by anyone from Indiana other than Purdy.  I am.pulling for Levitz to win it all!  Go Panther Pride Wrestling!

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Dickens beat Russelburg at the Mater Dei classic this year. Russellburg just won Kentucky state finals 

Lets take a look at Dickens results. I know Kentucky isn't as strong as Indiana but still... 


Dickens beat Fuqua twice this year. Morill, and Asbury at semi state. Last year Dickens placed 3rd at the state finals.


Levits placed 6th last year at the state finals.


Noehre and Rodgers from last year

   1st Place Match - Elliott Rodgers (Indianapolis Cathedral) 41-4 won in sudden victory - 1 over Cooper Noehre (Greenfield-Central) 41-4 (SV-1 9-7) 


Noehre beat Dickens in the semi finals 4-2 and Levits 12-6 in the quarters


This year, Dickens and Levits both beat Rodgers. 


Rodgers has to be the favorite. He has placed 4,2,1.. 




Noehre over Hollendonner (although Asbury will give Noehre fits and can pull an upset)

Levits over Morill (but Morill could give Levits fits and pull an upset too)

Rodgers over Pettigrew (same as above)

Dickens over Perry (Dickens got the best draw at 160)


Noehre / Levitss

Rodgers / Dickens


The semi finals, finals, and 3/4 match could go any way.. 


don't think you can bet against past results. Rodgers, Noehre, Dickens and Levits in that order. 1-4. 




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Ok.  I respect all your comments, however, you are placing a ton of thought on what happened "last year."  That is great information....but who is the only undefeated wrestler at 160?  Plus, he has faced tough competition all year....congrats to the P.H. coach on not giving him the easy road.  I see a finals of Levitz vs. Dickerson and going good into overtime, only to find do the best conditioned guy to win.  Neither of them have been pushed to the third period very much.

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Steenbeke will give Perry everything he can handle. I know that record is unimpressive but the kid is wrestling well right now for a frosh especially. He pinned his first three opponents in under 3 minutes each time at semistate before giving Hollendonner everything he could handle in losing 3-2. I was impressed after someone had mentioned his first round opponent as a likely upset over him. 


As Lee Corso says...not so fast my friend!


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