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Petty back and forth and during the season Champion

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They should have to stand inline to weigh in wit the kids..... Sware to God they should...…. Four hours later bFF,s

Video of @GenHeavyHandz at 4:30am. Obtained by TheCounty TMZ. ©️®️

Well this escalated quickly! Damn, man. Ironically this petty bs mighta saved you’re freakin’ life! Incredible. Prayer said. IndianaMat...saving lives, helping people. Bizarrest thread ever.

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We need a ring announcer....."Wrestling outta the International Fashion corner...sporting the Stones singlet with the snakeskin "Narf". @TeamGarcia can work this angle


Corner men/coaches... @Mattyb seems to be an @FCFIGHTER170 fave..maybe @DrunkJoeNamath for the Genereal since he has secret pics of him? 


Ref..gotta be RefTroy..need somebody to body hard when one of these dudes goes down and it gets ugly. 


I am so in for this. Set up donations for charity or something...

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18 minutes ago, GenHeavyHandz said:

JMill is my corner guy or no dice



100:1 odds @MikeTython knocks one of you guys out because you don’t wanna go to your respected corners .  Might watch out when Mike starts humming a Phil Collins song . Might have a flash back or something. 

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1 minute ago, UncleJimmy said:

So you shed a couple of those 5 layers of clothes from the pic?? I kid..I kid...congrats on the weight loss. I'm starting to think the Genereal ain't frontin'..

He don't have to not be fronting to get Tech falled! 

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2 hours ago, UncleJimmy said:

So the Genereal/Leftenant is an international man of style and fashion! A British Rolling Stone patch hoodie...a Canadian BlueJay hat and is that a "narf" necklace-scarf? WTF is that? The look completed nicely with a Scooby Doo/UnderDog t'shirt under a flannel button down. Who knew the Genereal was Daymond John! My other question..why is @DrunkJoeNamath in possession of these pics?

@FCFIGHTER170 you beat me to it on the fashion takes!!! 




Maybe @DrunkJoe Namath and @GenHeavyHands were a wrestling tag team.  He had promotional picks of Gen HeavyHands (international fashion Influencer)

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