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Article: 2020 New Castle Semi-State Preview

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This may be the toughest New Castle Semi State I have ever seen.  There will be 20 or more ranked wrestlers staying home next week.  As always, brutal ticket round match ups with two top 10 ranked wrestlers.  5 #1 Ranked Wrestlers in the tournament.



State Ranked Wrestlers

#3 Suhas Chundi- Carmel

#5 Bryce Lowery- Roncalli

#7 Josh Johnson- Cardinal Ritter

#9 Evan Dickey- Cathedral

#19 Romello Williams- Anderson


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#6 Keaton Morton- Perry Meridian

#7 Nathan Smith- Southport

#8 Garrett Condo- Milan


Potential Match-ups

#5 Bryce Lowery vs #19 Romelo Williams ticket round

Lowery has been on fire in his freshman campaign and is looking to take his first trip to state with his older brother.


#9 Evan Dickey vs #6ss Keaton Morton

These two have not wrestled this year.  Morton has an awkward style that could give Dickey issues, but Dickey has experience on the floor at New Castle.


#3 Suhas Chundi vs #7ss Nathan Smith

Chundi has been here before and the podium at state and it looks like he should have a return trip.


#7 Johnson vs #5 Lowery

Rematch from sectionals in the semi finals.


#9 Dickey vs #3 Chundi 



#3 Chundi vs #5 Lowery



1st Round Picks

Johnson over Condo (4 over 1)

Rodriguez over Vest

Lowery over Hale

Williams over Coffman

Dickey over Cornelius

Morton over Holcomb

Chundi over Fye

Smith over Lengerich


Tickets Punched

Lowery, Chundi, Dickey, Johnson


Alpha Dogs

Lowery and Chundi



State Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Alex Cottey- Perry Meridian

#4 Elijah Anthony- Frankfort

#8 Blake Wolf- East Central

#10 Marquarias Wilburn- Warren Central

#11 Logan Carrender LN

#12 Brac Hooper Carmel

#14 Kody Glithero


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#8 Griffin Ingalls Fishers


Potential Match-ups

#11 Carrender vs #4 Anthony ticket round

Anthony has had two incredible seasons so far, but Senior Carrender will be a tough out.  His style is awkward and he is extremely strong.  Anthony knocked him off in ticket round last year.


#8 Wolf vs #8ss Ingalls first round

Haven’t seen much about this match-up.  Ingalls has a win over Wilburn and has been competitive all year.  Winner has the privilege of #1 Alex Cottey in the ticket round. 


#10 Wilburn vs #12 Hooper ticket round.

These two have had 2 opportunities to wrestle but it hasn’t happened yet.  Wilburn has beat Carrender twice which Hooper lost to in a major decision.  Hooper pinned Ingalls who beat Wilburn early in the year.


#14 Glithero vs #4 Anthony Semis

Glithero is coming off a huge win over Alex Cottey and Anthony is coming off two straight losses to Hooper.  Should be a good one.


1st Round Picks

Glithero over Ellingwood

Driver over Necessary

Carrender over Bullock

Anthony over Gardner

Wolf over Ingalls

Cottey over Reese

Hooper over Marker

Wilburn over Reyes


Tickets Punched

Cottey, Glithero, Anthony, Wilburn


Alpha Dog
Alex Cottey



State Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Zeke Seltzer- Cathedral

#4 Carson Eldred- Westfield

#7 Christian White- New Palestine

#10 Anthony Hughes- Lawrence North

#13 Carleton Perry- Warren Central

#14 Jacob Simone- Hamilton Southeastern

#19 Brevan Thrine- New Castle


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#6 Antonio Jefferson LC


Potential Match-ups

#1 Seltzer vs #14 Simone. 
Two state place winners do battle to see who gets a chance to go back to Bankers Life.  Simone had Eldred on the ropes last week and doesn’t want to end his career at New Castle.


#6SS Jefferson vs Thrine first round

Thrine has had an amazing freshman campaign with his only loss coming by major to Christian White.  Jefferson has been here before and lost the last two years.  Senior versus freshman.


Winner gets #7 Christian White

White would be the favorite over Thrine.  Jefferson may pull the second 4 over 1 here and make the ticket round even crazier.


#13 Perry vs #10 Hughes

These two have wrestled several times over the years with Hughes taking the last one at MIC.  Perry is coming off back to back wins over White as well as wins over Glithero and Jefferson who have defeated Hughes.  But Hughes tech falled AJ Gunn from Carmel who has a win over Perry. 


#1 Seltzer vs #7 White semis.

#4 Eldred vs #10/#13 Hughes/White 


1st Round Picks

Seltzer over Myers

Simone over Haggerty

Jefferson over Thrine

White over Pritchett

Eldred over Thang

Dietz over Schneider

Perry over Farling

Hughes over Bray


Tickets Punched

Seltzer, Eldred, Perry, White


Alpha Dog

Zeke Seltzer



State Ranked Wrestlers

#5 Brayden Lowery Roncalli

#6 David Pierson- Warren Central

#16 Luke Gonzalez- Cathedral

#19 Cameron Toole- Lebanon

#20 Joey Langeman- Carmel


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#7 Jeremiah Henderson- Lawrence North


Potential Match-ups

#19 Toole vs Brandon first round

Brandon took Pierson down at regionals and is a very hard nosed wrestler.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here.  Followed with a ticket round with either super frosh Searcy from East Central or Jeremiah Henderson who has had an up and down year but is dangerous.


#5 Lowery vs #16 Gonzalez ticket round

Gonzalez has kept matches close with elite level guys all year and had a great Al Smith.  Lowery shouldn’t overlook him.


#20 Langeman vs Dennison

Dennison has had a great year at 33-1, but I suspect Carmel will have Langeman ready.


#5 Lowery vs #6 Pierson Finals

Lowery won at Marion County 1-0.  Should be another great battle.


1st Round Picks

Toole over Ashton

Searcy over Henderson

Lowery over Drilik

Gonzalez over Maitland

Otto over Johnson

Pierson over Lauy

Dennison over Bertram

Langeman over Vinson


Tickets Punched

Lowery, Pierson, Toole, Langeman


Alpha Dog

Brayden Lowery



State Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Matt Koontz- Perry Meridian

#7 Aundre Beatty- Warren Central

#9 Andrew Wilson- Cathedral

#10 Luke Goodwin- Southport

#12 Sebastian Bryant- North Central

#16 Jared Brown- Pendleton Heights

#17 Sam Slivka- Roncalli


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#8 Hudson Harreld- Zionsville


Potential Match-ups

#7 Beatty vs #16 Brown ticket round. 

Two state qualifiers battling it out to see who goes to the Bank.  Beatty had a great regional beating both #2 Koontz 7-0 and #17 Slivka to take home the title.


#10 Goodwin vs Frazier.  4 over 1 potential here. 

Goodwin had a brutal regional with Beatty, Koontz, Slivka and himself.  He has a win over Frazier over the summer.  Winner gets #9 Wilson to punch a ticket.  Wilson only has 7 matches this season due to injury but has been to state before.


#8ss Harreld vs #17 Slivka ticket round. 

Slivka was a regional champion year that didn’t make it to state.  Look for him to punch a ticket.


#12 Bryant vs #2 Koontz ticket round. 

This is the premier ticket round match as both of these kids should be placers.  Bryant has dominated since dropping to 132 with his only loss being Beatty.


1st Round Picks

Beatty over Lonneman

Brown over Merkel

Goodwin over Frazier

Wilson over Lloyd

Harreld over Bustamante

Slivka over Sherwood

Bryant over Barrett

Koontz over Walston


Tickets Punched

Beatty, Koontz, Goodwin, Slivka


Alpha Dog

Aundre Beatty



State Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Logan Bailey- Cathedral

#4 Logan Wagner- Zionsville

#7 Brendan Mattingly- Carmel

#8 Jevian Ross- Warren Central

#14 Dylan Dorman- Greenfield-Central


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers


#6 David Page- Roncalli

#8 Max Naselroad- Alexandria


Potential Match-ups

#2 Bailey vs #8 Ross. 

Brutal matchup of two kids that both should place at state.  Both wrestlers have lost in the ticket round twice in their careers.  Bailey lost to Beatty from Warren Central last year and Seth Johnson as a freshman.  Ross has lost to Wilkerson and Caleb Oliver.  Should be some fireworks In this one.


#2Bailey/#8 Ross vs #7 Mattingly Semis


#4 Wagner waiting in finals


1st Round Picks

Walsh over Morgan

Mattingly over Johnson

Bailey over Miles

Ross over Lemieux

Dorman over Smith

Lawson over Crouch

Wagner over Page

Naselroad over Euson


Tickets Punched

Bailey, Wagner, Mattingly, Dorman


Alpha Dogs

Logan Bailey



State Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Alec Viduya- Roncalli

#6 Chris Wilkerson- Mount Vernon
#7 Jajuan Anderson- Warren Central

#9 Jeff Dunasky- Guerin Catholic

#13 Jake Shafer- Carmel

#14 Gabe Phillips- Centerville

#14 Reece Luhmann- Hamilton Southeastern

#17 Garrett Stewart- Cathedral


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#8 Brady Mckivitz- Perry Meridian


Potential Match-ups

#9 Dunasky vs #7 Anderson ticket round. 

This should be a great ticket round matchup.  Dunasky is trying to be Guerins first ever state qualifier.  He lost to Warren Centrals Antwaun Graves last year in the ticket round.  Anderson has wins over Luhmann, Mckivitz, Stewart, Shafer, and Wilkerson.


#8ss Mckivitz vs #14 Phillips first round. 

Mckivitz has had a solid season with some solid wins and some losses in Perrys brutal schedule.  Luhmann is waiting in the wings for the winner for a ranked ticket round matchup.


#17 Stewart vs #13 Shafer first round. 

Stewart is a huge 145 but has taken a lot of losses.  Wolf had a great regional tournament overturning some losses from earlier in the year. 


#1 Viduya vs #6 Wilkerson ticket round. 

This is another brutal ticket round that leaves behind a projected state place winner.  Viduya has been on a different level this year.


1st Round Picks

Dunasky over McDonald

Anderson over Bohan

Luhmann over Nixon

Phillips over McKivitz

Wolf over Taylor

Shafer over Stewart

Viduya over Linkel

Wilkerson over Lindamood


Tickets Punched

Viduya, Anderson, Luhmann, Shafer


Alpha Dog

Alec Viduya



State Ranked wrestlers

#1 Brice Coleman- Warren Central

#3 Bryer Hall- East Central

#6 Tyce Frejie- Roncalli

#10 Shane Bates- Zionsville

#18 Aidan Alford- Mount Vernon


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#4 Noah Baker- Perry Meridian

#7 Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central

#8 Tyler Vredeveld- Centerville


Potential Match-ups

#4ss Baker vs #18 Alford first round. 

Bake'rs match count is not indicative of his skill.  Should be a great match followed with a ticket round date with #10 Bates.


#3 Hall vs #6 Frejie ticket round. 

This is a huge matchup.  Hall is trying to get back to state after losing to Leavell last year in the ticket round.  Frejie has been to the show several times and doesn’t want to end his career at New Castle. 


#1 Coleman vs #8ss Vredeveld. 

Centerville's only loss this year is to Bryer Hall in the Regional finals.  Coleman is looking to make his first trip to state after losing to Rodgers in the ticket round last year.


#3Hall/#6 Frejie vs #1 Coleman Finals


1st Round Picks

Bates over Foster

Baker over Alford

Hall over Ginella

Frejie over Urasky

Jones over Wills

Mobley over McLaren

Coleman over Lemaster

Vredeveld over Fox


Tickets Punched

Coleman, Hall, Bates, Jones


Alpha Dog

Brice Coleman



State Ranked Wrestlers

#3 Elliott Rodgers- Cathedral

#4 Cooper Noehre- Greenfield Central

#12 Dante Akins- Indianapolis Lutheran

#14 Damon Mcclain- Warren Central

#15 Andrew Roth- Lawrenceburg

#20 Luke Davis- Zionsville


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#7 Josh Moore- Southport

#8 Max Hayes- Mount Vernon


Potential Match-ups

This weight is pretty spread out on the top ranked wrestlers.


#8SS Max Hayes vs #14 Damon McClain first round. 

Hayes has been a tough wrestler for years. McClain has been wrestling well winning the Marion County and MIC tournaments. 


#14 McClain vs #20 Davis ticket round. 

Davis is coming off a great Regional tournament and is rewarded with the higher ranked McClain in ticket round.


#15 Roth vs #12 Akins. 

Akins has to get through a very tough Goodner first from the Deaf school.  He pinned Hayes last week.  I could be wrong, but Akins might be the first state qualifier for Lutheran.


#3 Rodgers vs #4 Noehre in semis to rematch the state finals from last year. 

Their matchup earlier this year ended with a crazy funk roll from Rodgers for the win late in the third.


1st Round Picks

Rodgers over Moore

Williamson over Carr

Noehre over Butterfield

Mitchell over Lowe

Davis over Payne

McClain over Hayes

Roth over Weakley

Akins over Goodner


Tickets Punched

Noehre, McClain, Rodgers, Akins


Alpha Dogs
Cooper Noehre and Elliott Rodgers



State Ranked Wrestlers

#7 Tyler Wagner- Cathedral

#8 Bradley Harrington- North Central

#9 Gabe Davin Carmel

#15 Tytus Ragle- New Castle


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#3 Jajuan Dale- Perry Meridian

#6 Chase Poynter- Zionsville

#7 Ronan Hiner- Hamilton Southeastern

#8 Ty Welliever- Southmont


Potential Match-ups

#4SS Dale vs #8SS Welliever first round. 

Winner gets #8 Harrington in the ticket round.  Harrington is a huge 170 after making the drop from 182 earlier in the year. 


#9 Davin vs #15 Ragle ticket round. 

Really tough ticket round for Ragle who was winning in Regional finals before getting thrown and pinned. 


#6SS Poynter vs Mpole. 

Mpole is an unbelievable athlete with a great story of how he came to the United States.  Winner has Malson/Bishop in ticket round.


#7 Wagner vs #7ss Hiner. 

These two have wrestled each other their whole lives.  Don’t expect Hiner to get blown out, he may even steal this ticket from Cathedral.


1st Round Picks

Dale over Welliever

Harrington over Calderon

Davin over Mosconi

Ragle over Rice

Bishop over Malson

Mpole over Poynter

Wagner over Rullman

Hiner over Ortel


Tickets Punched

Harrington, Wagner, Davin, Mpole


Alpha Dog
Bradley Harrington



State Ranked Wrestlers

#4 Aidan Warren- Perry Meridian

#6 Johnny Parker- Cathedral

#12 Hayden Filipovich- Indianapolis Lutheran

#13 Garret Sharp- Carmel

#16 Kole Viel- East Central

#18 Dawson McCloud- North Montgomery

#20 Gavin Keesee- Franklin Central


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#7 Riley Woodall- Southmont


Potential Match-ups

#18 McCloud vs Myers. 

McCloud has had a great season is looking to continue it against the Iron Bear’s son.  Ticket round matchup vs Filipovich who is also trying to get Lutheran to Bankers Life.


#4 Warren vs #7SS Woodall. 

Warren has two trips to state in two attempts.  Woodall is trying to match his brothers Middle School State Title last weekend.


#16 Viel vs #20 Keesee first round

Followed by a matchup with #13 Sharp in the ticket round.  This quarter bracket is brutal with 3 ranked wrestlers.


1st Round Picks

Mccloud over Myers

Filipovich over Lawler

Parker over Broom

Sullivan over Orcutt

Warren over Mcgill

Woodall over Gillespie

Viel over Keesee

Sharp over hanson


Tickets Punched

Warren, Parker, Filipovich, Sharp


Alpha Dog
Aidan Warren



State Ranked Wrestlers

#1 Silas Allred- Shenandoah

#3 JD Farrell-cFishers

#4 Kyle Krummen- East Central

#9 Zach White- Carmel

#12 Excell Brooks- Lawrence North


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#5 Jacob Huffman- Cathedral

#6 Jeff McClure- Perry Meridian

#7 Isiah Martin- Brebuf Jesuit

#8 Richard Clevenger- New Palestine


Potential Match-ups

Other than Silas, this weight had 2 unranked regional champions and is wide open.


#3 Farrell vs #12 Brooks ticket round. 

Farrell has had a great season including taking Silas down at Connersville.  Brooks is incredibly athletic and is a tough matchup for anyone.


#8SS Clevenger vs #4 Krummen
Clevenger has had a great junior campaign including winning the brutal Perry Meridian regional.  Krummen just took his first loss to Allred last weekend.


White vs McCloud

Rematch from earlier in the year where White took a 7-5 decision home.  Followed by a matchup with Jacob Huffman from Cathedral.  I predict the winner of the first round match will knock out the Pendleton regional champ.


#3 Farrell vs #1 Allred

Rematch from Spartan Classic in finals.


1st Round Picks

Farrell over Beard

Brooks over Orcutt

Clevenger over Arvin

Krummen over Martin

Huffman over Shaffer

White tossup McCloud

Allred over Lovell

McClure over Dreher


Tickets Punched

Allred, Farrell, Krummen, (White or McCloud)


Alpha Dog
Silas Allred



State Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Drew Webster- North Montgomery

#10 Deshawn Young- Franklin Central

#12 David Guhl- Cathedral

#16 Alex Hernandez- Warren Central


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#6 Parker Smitley- Mount Vernon

#7 Cameron Brown- New Castle

#8 Justin Stephens- Pendleton Heights


Potential Match-ups

A lot of great matchups first and second round.  Most of the top dogs are separated until semi finals though.  Taylor and Van Beynen should be good.  Young and Smitley.


#2 Webster vs #12 Guhl ticket round. 

Webster has been on fire this year.  Guhl got a very unfortunate draw for having such a great season.


#16 Hernandez vs #7SS Brown. 

These two have wrestled 4 times this season.  Brown won the first one with Hernandez winning the next 3.  Should be a great first round matchup with winner getting Blaine Pierce from Richmond to go to the Bank.


1st Round Picks

Stephens over Lewis

Van Beynen over Taylor

Young over Smitley

Shafer over Arvin

Webster over Rowlett

Guhl over Goodall

Pierce over Schilling

Hernandez over Brown


Tickets Punched

Webster, Young, Hernandez, Van Beynen


Alpha Dog 

Drew Webster



State Ranked Wrestlers

#2 Andrew Irick- Hamilton Southeastern

#5 Holder Parsons- Cathedral

#6 Cade Campbell- Pendleton Heights

#9 Antone Alexander- Franklin Central

#12 Dennis Hubbard- Warren Central


Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers

#6 Kolt Keller CC

#7 Josh Berger NE


Potential Match-ups

#6SS Keller vs #7SS Berger- First Round

Followed up with a match-up with #9 Antone Alexander. 


#2 Irick vs #6 Campbell- Ticket Round 

These two have wrestled a few times this year with Irick coming out ahead both times.  Brutal draw for Campbell in his senior campaign.


#2 Irick vs #5 Parsons- Finals


1st Round picks

Keller over Berger

Alexander over Anderson

Irick over Pandoli

Campbell over Keevers

Hubbard over Snyder

McDaniel over Myers

Parsons over Jackson

Goodall over Platonov


Tickets Punched

Irick, Parsons, Hubbard, Alexander


Alpha Dogs
Andrew Irick and Holden Parsons

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On average, a SS should have 5 kids STATE ranked Top 20 and 2.5 STATE ranked Top 10.

106 = 5 / Top 10 = 4

113 = 7 / Top 10 = 4

120 = 7 / Top 10 = 4

126 = 5 / Top 10 = 2

132 = 7 / Top 10 = 4

138 = 5 / Top 10 = 4

145 = 8 / Top 10 = 4

152 = 5 / Top 10 = 4

160 = 6 / Top 10 = 2

170 = 4 / Top 10 = 3

182 = 7 / Top 10 = 2

195 = 5 / Top 10 = 4

220 = 4 / Top 10 = 2

285 = 5 / Top 10 = 4

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