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3A Team State Qualification Leaderboard (thru State)

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Here's the 3A leaderboard through sectional. Remember that these scores in the big school divisions aren't very meaningful at this point because they're mostly a reflection of who has a lot of underclassmen. The number of kids left matters much more than the scores. You'll need 160 or 175 points to qualify and many of those won't come until semi-state.






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Updated through Semi-State. Non-seniors get a half point upgrade this weekend for reaching 7th, then 5th, then runner-up, then champ. Seniors are done scoring in this class.


Because the 4 semi-state top scores are all in the top 10 (top 6, actually), the top 7 here are all in automatic bid territory and only one vote-in candidate will be needed. Pending any further injury information, Roncalli, Harrison, and TH South are the ones that would be considered for the vote-in spot.


* = Injury information added in.



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