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Goshen regional predictions

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106-Malott, Chase, Chappell, Horvath

113- Sprague, Mccue,Ebehart, baker

120-Boots, Puckett,Ben Miller, Braxton miller

126-Malott,Garcia, Graber, Roy

132- Bonds, Brown, Owens, Ruelmer

138-Hooley, Pfeiffer- Lague, Hawkins, Levitz

145- Owens, Buchanan, Lone, Severe

152-Eveler, Stockman, Curtis, Taylor

160-Levitz, Tierney, Werts, Goering

170-Lundy, Anderson, Graden, Hunter

182Lone, Rowe,Lockwood, Gratzol

195-Miller,Khaoucha,Dilbone, Allen

220-Davis,Brames, Khaoucha, Kilmer

HWT-Villafuerte, Depez,Sommer, Schooley

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106- Mallott,Chappell,Chase,Horvath

113- Sprague,Eberhart,Baker,McCue

120- Puckett,Boots,Miller,Kallamani


132- Brown,Bonds,Ruemler,Eberhart

138- Pffeifer-Lague,Levitz,Hawkins,Hooley

145- Buchanan,Lone,Severe,Galvan

152- Eveler,Stockman,Medford,Baker

160-  Levitz,Tierney,Werts,Goering

170-  Lundy,Anderson,Hunter,Graden

182- Lone,Rowe,Behm,Lockwood

195- Dillbone,Miller,Khachoua,Allen

220- Davis,Khachoua,Brames,Kilmer

285- Sommer,Villafuerte,Depez,Herr

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