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Baldwin  Peru

 Stapleton Mac

Flood Nm

Fowler  Cass


Sturgill Peru

Brooks Wabash

Holloway Roch

Kinney Mac


Higgins Wabash 

Burrous Cass

Swango Roch

Sailors Peru


Stroud Man

Long Wabash 

Schulte Peru

Albright  Cass


Long Wabash 

Legg Peru

Burlingame Man

Bockover Mac


Fletcher Peru

Fennell Nm

Barnett  Wabash

Bernhardt Cass

138- I can see this going 100 different ways. *****


France Man

Baber Peru

Sickafus Wab

Shafer Rod


Goodwin Wabash

McKinley Mac

Swango Rod

King SW


Carandante Wabash 

France  Northfield

Deckard Mac

Duffy Man


Zapata Wabash 

Shaffer Rod

Blake Mac

Wildermuth Nm

170: This can also go 100 ways ****


Constable Peru

Garland Cass

Goshert Northfield 

Lederhilge Man


Moore Man

Wyatt Wabash 

Cox Northfield 

Music Cas


Warmuth Wabash 

Dill Man

Higgins Northfield 

Turner Peru


Kamphues Man

Ringeisen Mac

Duvall Cas

Brousseau Peru








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106- Baldwin,Stapleton,Flood,Fowler

113- Sturgill,Brooks,Kinney,Holloway

120- Higgins,Sailor,Swango,Roach

126- Stroud,Schulte,Long,Albright

132- Brooks,Burlingame,Legg,Spear

138- Barnett,Barnhardt,Fletcher,Lincoln

145- France,Shafer,Baber,Forsyth

152- McKinley,Goodwin,Swango,Galbraith 

160- Gardante,France,Deckard,Duffy

170- Blake,Zapata,Shaffer,Wildermuth

182- Constable,Garland,Goshert,Lederhilger

195- Moore,Music,Cox,Wyatt

220- Warmuth, Higgins,Dill,Jones

285- Kamphues,Rigelsen,Duvall,Brousseau

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5 hours ago, manchwrestlingdad said:

I don’t feel I would do them justice. I just thought our sectional wrestlers outa be talked about a bit. Many others were so I thought I’d try and get something started. 

I'm not doing anyone justice either.  It just a stab in the dark. I was only 50% when you asked about conference.

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106: Baldwin,Stapleton,Fowler,Flood

113: Sturgill,Brooks,Kinney,Casper

120: Higgins,Sailers,Swango,Wyatt

126: Stroud,Long,Schultz,Albright

132: Brooks,Burlingame,Legg,Keaton

138: Barnette,Bernhardt,Fletcher,Lincoln

145: France,Shaffer,Baber,Forsyth


160: Carandante,Duffy,France,Deckard

170: Zapata,Blake,Shaffer,Caudill

182: Constable,Garland,Goshert,Lederhilger

195: I’ll skip this one. I have a dog in this fight. 
220: Warmuth,Higgins,Dill,Jones




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