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NE8 conference predictions

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Who do you guys have this year? 


My predictions are as follows 


106: Ruble of Bellmont over Ford of Leo

113: Sprague of East Noble over Hart of Leo

120: Tuesh of Huntington North over Veatch of Leo

126:  Kuhl of Huntington North over Mallott of East Noble 

132: Heath of Leo over Owens of East Noble 

138: Chacon of New Haven over Lawson of Bellmont 

145: Schuckman of Norwell over Sheets of Columbia City 

152: Mccune of Huntington North over Wireman of Columbia City

160: Pettigrew of Columbia City over Freidt of Bellmont 

170: Seifring of Bellmont over Mullinax of Columbia City 

182: Rowe of Dekalb over Walker of Norwell

195: Freidt of Bellmont over Dreiband of Norwell

220: Gray of Norwell over Clifford of Columbia City 

hwt: Martz of New Haven over Busch of Leo 


TEAM: Bellmont edges Columbia City by a few points 



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fairly similar predictions to mine

106- Ruble over Mallott

113- Sprague over Everett

120- Teusch over Veatch

126- Kuhl over Malott

132- heath over owens

138 Lawson over Chacon

145-Sheets over Manley

152-Mccune over Wireman

160-Pettigrew over freidt

170- Graden over Mullinax

182 Rowe over Walker

195- freidt over Dreiband

220-Gray over lee

HWT- Martz over Busch

Belmont takes it

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106- Ruble over Malott

113- Sprague overMaggard

120- Teusch over Veatch

126- Kuhl over Malott

132- Heath over Owen's

138- Lawson over Chacon

145- Sheets over Jackson

152- McCune over Wireman

160- Pettigrew over Brege

170- Mullinax over Graden

182- Rowe over Walker

195- Friedt over Dreiband

220- Gray over Lee

285- Martz over Busch

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