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Predictions for tn. (excuse the bias)

106: PM (3-0) Toss Up, could easily go either way

113: PM (9-0) Self-Explainable

120: CATH (9-6) Another one thats self-explainable

126: CATH (9-9) Leaning towards Cath but I could see it going to PM as well

132: PM (15-9) Koontz is up and coming

138: CATH (15-15) Bailey's revenge tour with state coming up

145: PM (18-15) Another Toss Up

152: (If Baker doesn't wrestle) CATH (18-19)

152: (If Baker does wrestle) PM (21-15) 

160: CATH (18-24) (21-21) It's Elliott Rodgers, come on

170: CATH (18-27) (21-24) I go decision but could be a major

182: PM (21-27) (24-24) Warren looking for blood coming off a bad loss

195: CATH (21-30) (24-27) Leaning towards CATH but could go other way

220: CATH (21-34) (24-31) I said Major but Mcclure could keep it close

285: CATH (21-40) (24-37) And thats the end

Perry matches up a lot better vs CATH rather than Mater Dei

Bonus Points gonna be big, Top wrestlers gotta step up

And obviously if Baker wrestles for PM, it definitely gives them a better chance but CATH should still come away with the win either way


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