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Have you ever seen this before?

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Back around 1984-5, with 13 weight classes, Tipton beat Peru 72-0 by my memory. I thought we had all pins that day, but 72 is 6 pts shy, so maybe there were some tech falls. Andy Hobbs, the Peru coach was Tipton’s 185 guy. He might know for sure. I also am not sure if tech falls were 6 points in a dual back then. 

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11 minutes ago, WrestleMan said:

Just curious but what was the criteria that decided the outcome? 


Here are the long list of tie-breaker criteria.  This is the 2018-19 set so while its mostly accurate I can't say for sure if some wording was slightly altered in few spot for this years rulebook.



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Perhaps even a more rare dual meet score happened in the mid 2000s between HSE and Carmel.  14 matches wrestled, 14 decisions, 7 for HSE, 7 for Carmel. Team score was HSE 21 Carmel 20, as Carmel was penalized a team point when a wrestler's compression shorts were longer than his singlet (back when that was a rule).  Not sure if I've ever seen a dual where neither team had a major, pin, or tech, and each had an equal number of decisions. 

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