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Mater Dei Holiday Classic - Results & Discussion

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If you can't be there...... MD Classic on left (65") and Al Smith on the right (46"} - ignore the mess in between!  

I know, right? I can’t stand that guy. 

Are you referring to the match where an illegal was being ran on the Roncalli kid? Where the coaches were fighting for the kids safety? I say good for the Rebel Coaches

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@182 Macartney Parkinson wins with a quick fall over Theo Sewell (CB TN).  Micah Ervin (UC KY) gets the fall over Wyatt Willman (N. Posey) - Looking forward to seeing that final!


@195 Harris Eason (Franklin Comm) wins 5-0 over John McGrew (MD).  Parker Peterson (FR TN) WBF over Michael Fletcher (Roncalli)

@220 Nathan Willman (N. Posey) WBF over Kenton Williams (Sullivan).  Al Wooten (CB TN) WBF over Macray Robinson (GS)

@285 Dustin Olmstead (Bell. W IL) gets an 8-0 major dec over James Ralph (MD).  Damari Dancy (Portage) wins 3-1 over Jacob Johnson (Franklin Comm)

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10 minutes ago, backtothemat said:

Think he’s wrestled in Pan Am games 

Gilbert won Gold in freestyle and Greco in pan am games. Actually the whole team won double gold. 

Gilbert was the aggressor versus Ross. Ross is a good defensive wrestler. They will meet again at Semi-State. 

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Some good matches coming up in the consolation semifinals....
@106 Egli vs. West; Hammack vs. Knable
@113 Expect Gilbert and Meyer (St.X)  to win and be a nice matchup for 3rd.
@120 Keegan Williams vs. Kody Glithero could be good
@126 Lowery vs. Hayhurst - Can Hayhurst keep it closer this time?
@138 Polen (GS) vs. Insko (UC KY) - good benchmark for Polen
@145 Lehman vs. Pogue could be a preview for the KY State Title
@195 Paxton Ervin vs. McGrew 

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@106 West beat Egli 1-0 and will face Hammack, who handled Knable, for 3rd Place

@113 Lane Gilbert will face St. Xs Matthew Meyer who placed 4th at Ky State last year
@120 Glithero beat Williams 7-6 and will face Chris Newman of Mt.V for 3rd
@126 Lowery held off Hayhurst 6-4 in a much better match than the opening round.  Hayhurst will wrestle for 5th Place, but I expect him to be a real solid addition to the MD lineup. Lowery will face Dalrymple of CB TN for 3rd.
@132 Slivka and Conrad both won their consolation semifinal so it will be Roncalli vs. Portage for 3rd Place
@138 Insko of Union Co beat Polen in SV 5-3.  He'll face Bowers from CB TN. Polen will face Sean Pitts of Father Ryan who finished 3rd at TN State DII last year for 5th Place.
@145 Brody Baumann handled Codie Khawaja from Floyd Central 14-5.  He'll face Union County's Trevor Pogue who placed 4th at Kentucky State last year.  

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@152 Payne Carr will face Lawrence Madsen of Father Ryan TN, who finished 2nd at TN State last year, for 3rd Place.
@160 Tyler Fuqua will face Jacorey Miller of Father Ryan who finished 2nd at TN State last year, for 3rd Place
@170 Everett Merritt beat Nigel Kaiser of Tell City and will face Jalen Ward of Franklin Comm.  Ward was up 3-1 over Owen Sego when Sego had to Inj Def
@182 Wyatt Willman (N. Posey) WBF over Alec Stahly (TC).  He'll face Theo Sewell (CB TN) who WBF over Sean Burk (FC) for 3rd

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@195 Paxton Ervin dec John McGrew 3-1. He'll face Connor Billingsley (CB TN).  McGrew will face off against Roncalli's Michael Fletcher for 5th Place
@220 Macray Robinson (GS) will face Kenton Williams (Sullivan) for 3rd. 
@285 Jacob Johnson (Franklin Comm) will face James Ralph (MD) for 3rd.  Ralph won a tough 3-2 UTB dec over Aaron Brievogel of Gibson Southern. 

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Finals & Placements Thoughts

106  - Bryce Lowery was the class of the tourney.  He won the final 11-2 over Blake Zirklebach.  No one challenged him.  
- Kyler West looked impressive avenging a season opening loss to Reed Egli and dominating Coy Hammack to take 3rd.  West was up 10-0 before the final turn and fall.          

- I see a lot of interesting possibilities from this weight class.

113 - This was Cole Ross' tournament and he won it as expected beating Trayce Eckman 6-2 in the Final.

- Eckman and Matt Meyer were impressive as well and could see each other again deep in the KY State Tourney.

- But the wrestler who impressed the most was Lane Gilbert of Sullivan.  He gave Ross all he could handle and was the aggressor.  He beat Meyer, last years KY State 4th Placer to finish 3rd.  Expect a lot of good things to come from him.


120 - Alec Freeman looks excellent at 120. Will be curious if he can find a way to make Zeke Seltzer or Riley Bettich sweat a little.

- Memorial's Keegan Williams is a freshman and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does down the line.  His only two losses were to Freeman and a 7-6 dec to Kody Glithero, who also did a nice job finishing 3rd.


126 - Josh Koderhandt from Belleville West is legit.  He handled Gavin Alstott fairly easily.  Granted the blood time stoppages killed any kind of flow in that match. He'll definitely vie for an Illinois State Title again.
- Alstott was impressive in beating Brayden Lowery in the Semifinal.  Again, blood time kind of hampered the flow of the match, but Gavin showed he's a contender
- Ashton Hayhurst has me interested.  His only losses were to Brayden Lowery and the 2nd was close and a tough match. He's aggressive and dominated everyone else he wrestled. Will be interested to see how he does at Team State and  how much better he makes MD's lineup


132 - This was one of the most boring weights for me, no disrespect to the wrestlers.  Gabe Adams of Union Co. got revenge on the Egli family after losing in the final last year to Clay.  He beat Kane Egli 6-3 to take the Title.

- Sam Slivka beat Bradley Conrad 4-3 to take 3rd.


138 - The match of the tournament so far, or at least the Finals! J Conway gave Blake Boarman all he could handle dropping a 7-6 decision that was in doubt to the very end.   It seemed as if Boarman was trying to be a little cute early on, but that may just be because Conway wasn't letting him do what he wanted.  Look forward to seeing them paired off again!


145 - Alex Viduya did what a #1 seed and former State Champ should and won.  But he was challenged in the Final by Garrett Bowers of Christian Bros.TN 6-4.

- Brody Baumann finished 3rd, beating KY State 3rd Placer Trevor Pogue.  Baumann struggled a big against Viduya, but didn't go down easily.  I think he's a step behind the elite at this class right now, but has big potential.  Will be interested to see where he is come State Tournament time.  


152 - Jonathan Kervin is a legit State Title contender.  He's impressive anytime he doesn't have Matt Lee in front of him.  And that's not an issue this year.  Kervin beat Tyce Freije in the final in a wild 5-4 win.  
 - Freije was impressive finishing 2nd and has a shot to beat anyone on a given day.
 - Still not sure what to make of Scott Fitts.  Fitts lost to Freije 1-0 on a penalty point.  He then gave up another penalty point for the same kind of move in his next match and was DQ'd shortly after doing it again.  He was also DQ'd last year at Team State in a very tight match against Brice Coleman.  Fitts can compete with the upper echelon, but needs to control himself or be more aware of what he's doing in terms of illegal moves.


160 - Eli Dickens took the title with a 5-3 win over KY State Champ Dalton Russelburg.  Dickens is a definite contender.

170 - Gabe Sollars gets a big win over Union Co's Stephen Little 7-2.  Little was KY's 2nd Place finisher last year at State and beat Sollars last year in the consolation bracket in this tournament. With Sollars win earlier over Tristan Ruhlman, he feels like a legit contender for a State Title.  170 is going to be so tough, both at the Evansville SS and at State!  Sollars and Little were the best of this class by far.

182 - Another awesome match!  A scramble went the wrong way for Macartney Parkinson and Micah Ervin ended up with a takedown and two back points from that scramble. Parkinson falls to Ervin for the 2nd year in a row, this time 7-4. Ervin, last year's KY State Champ and is already a 4 time placer! Ervin has won the MD Holiday Classic 3x and finished 2nd and 3rd to boot. Parkinson may not quite be at the level of Joseph Walker, but I think he can compete with the rest of the 182 lb. class.  
- Another name to watch that could possibly break into the rankings is Wyatt Willman of North Posey.  He won every match by fall other than his loss to Ervin in the Semifinal


195 - Parker Peterson of TN Father Ryan stole the show dominating the field, including a 10-0 route of Franklin Community's Harris Eason.

- In the 5th Place Match, Mater Dei's John McGrew WBF over Michael Fletcher of Roncalli.  Fletcher entered with a losing record and came out of the gate strong winning his first two matches before hitting a bumpy road.


220 - North Posey's Nathan Willman is getting no love from the rankers, State or SS.  I think that will change soon! 

- Willman beat Christian Bros TNs Al Wooten 7-6 in another great match!  Wooten was the 2019 DII State Champ and ranked #1 this year at 220.  Wooten did not take the loss well and CB lost a team point after not shaking hands and showing outward displeasure.  I'm guessing he's not used to losing.  He was talented and seemed to be in control of the match, but Willman kept plugging and got the winning takedown with :13 left.

285 - Belleville West takes home a 2nd Title as Dustin Olmstead became a 2x MD Classic Champ with a 1-0 dec over Damari Dancy of Portage. 

 - James Ralph of Mater Dei is a sophomore and really rough around the edges.  But I see potential there if he sticks with it and put in the work.  MD isn't known for their prowess at HWT, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Ralph can do in the next 2 years. 

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The Roncalli kid at 195 was 4-12 to start the tourney and ended up 6th. Gilbert of Sullivan looked like a killer until he ran into Cole Ross. Will man took on a monster in Wooten. He kept his head, kept it close and impressively took the win. Mater Dei is soooo stacked. Good luck to the rest of Indiana against them. They took on the best that Tenn, Ky, and a couple from Indiana and Illinois had and spit us all out. 

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My thoughts on day two in person...


106- Lots of good little guys. I can see all of them at the state finals.


126-Alstott with a HUGE win over Lowery. He looked good. The finals match was awkward with all the blood time. The Konderhandt kid from Illinois is a stud and will contend for an Illinois state title. Very tough weight class with Lowery only beating the Tennessee kid 4-2 in a close match. Hayhurst has a lot of potential. He took 5th. 


138- Conway impressed me today. Kid had two solid wins and nearly pulled off the upset of Boarman in the finals.


145- Viduya looked consistent. He came from behind in the 3rd period to get the win over the number one ranked kid from Tennessee.


152- Kervin and Frejie will both be at the state finals and both should place. Good match. 


170- Sollars looked good. I was impressed by him and his ability to ride. 


182-Parkinson was winning the match until the third. Then Ervin sort of took control. Good rivalry. 


195-Eason is a tough wrestler. I look for him to punch his ticket to state. He is currently unranked in the state. 


220- WOWZERS... WILLMAN  N. POSEY just got noticed. Where has that kid been? Looks to be about 6'3 195lbs wrestling 220lbs. He can ride well. He was getting beat the whole match and comes from behind to win. He kept his composure and poise. He's something like 24-0 now. 





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