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Watching Big Ten Wrestling on BTN+

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As wrestling season picks up, I thought I would share with you what most likely already know.  Most Big Ten wrestling matches can be streamed live or later on BTN+, which used to be BTN2Go.  If a match is on the Big Ten Network, it can be streamed via the FoxSportsGO app.  But those that are not on the TV network can be seen on BTN+ with a subscription.  The monthly pass for all schools is $14.95 (individual schools at $9.95, I believe).  Wrestling on BTN+ kicks off Friday night with Michigan hosting North Carolina.  The Big Ten Tournament ends on March 8th so 4 months will get you all of the matches below (through January - February/March will be added later).  Here are most of the matches thru Jan 31 that include kids from IN High Schools...

Date Day Team Opponent Time CST
8-Nov Fri Michigan North Carolina 6:00
10-Nov Sun Penn State Navy 1:00
10-Nov Sun Ohio State Stanford 6:00
15-Nov Fri Minnesota Rider 7:00
17-Nov Sun Ohio State VA Tech 1:00
17-Nov Sun Northwestern Northern Iowa 5:00
22-Nov Fri Indiana North Dakota State 6:00
22-Nov Fri Nebraska Wyoming 7:00
24-Nov Sun Purdue Indianapolis 9:00
24-Nov Sun Purdue Clarion 10:30
24-Nov Sun Purdue Northern Illinois Noon
24-Nov Sun Northwestern North Dakota State 2:00
1-Dec Sun Ohio State Cornell 1:00
8-Dec Sun Penn State Penn 1:00
20-Dec Fri Nebraska Oregon State 7:00
5-Jan Sun Michigan Oregon State 3:00
6-Jan Mon Ohio State Arizona State 6:00
10-Jan Fri Ohio State Rutgers 6:00
10-Jan Fri Indiana Iowa 6:00
10-Jan Fri Penn State Illinois 6:00
10-Jan Fri Purdue Northwestern 7:00
10-Jan Fri Nebraska Wisconsin 8:00
12-Jan Sun Indiana Illinois 1:00
12-Jan Sun Penn State Northwestern 1:00
12-Jan Sun Nebraska Wisconsin 2:00
12-Jan Sun Purdue Iowa 6:30
17-Jan Fri Michigan Maryland 6:00
17-Jan Fri Ohio State Wisconsin 8:00
18-Jan Sat Indiana Northwestern 1:30
18-Jan Sat Nebraska Iowa 8:00
19-Jan Sun Ohio State Illinois Noon
19-Jan Sun Michigan Minnesota 1:00
19-Jan Sun Michigan State Maryland 2:00
19-Jan Sun Penn State Rutgers 4:00
20-Jan Mon Indiana Purdue 6:00
24-Jan Fri Purdue Maryland 6:00
24-Jan Fri Penn State Nebraska 6:00
24-Jan Fri Indiana Rutgers 6:00
24-Jan Fri Michigan Northwestern 7:00
24-Jan Fri Ohio State Iowa 8:00
26-Jan Sun Purdue Rutgers Noon
26-Jan Sun Michigan Illinois 1:00
26-Jan Sun Indiana Maryland 2:00
26-Jan Sun Nebraska Michigan State 2:00
26-Jan Sun Minnesota Ohio State 7:30
31-Jan Fri Ohio State Maryland 6:00
31-Jan Fri Purdue Minnesota 6:00
31-Jan Fri Indiana Wisconsin 6:00
31-Jan Fri Michigan State Illinois 7:00
31-Jan Fri Penn State Iowa 8:00

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