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Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P

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10 hours ago, TripleB said:

With Littel and Lee gone.......my man (never met him) Dorian Keys grabs the #1 spot on Evansville's P4P... and hey @JMILL some Miller kid I guess will slide in, I know I'm getting desperate. 

If a skinny wants it go and win a state title chumps.

I'm back and doing rankings again (it's like a bad addiction), line ups and mat cred to dubentz@gmail.com.






I'd take Blake Boarman

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On 8/18/2019 at 10:38 PM, Stoney Hayhurst said:

Well I usually don’t  get on this site to look at the forums but this was brought to my attention.  This was not  the case of who he couldn’t or could beat.  There where many issues last year and we are glad that’s behind him.  Castle is a great school and we wish them well. We also appreciate everything thing they did and all the time they spent with  him.   For somebody to say who he couldn’t beat means you probably don’t actually know what was going on.  Mater Dei is a great opportunity for him not just for the wrestling aspects but for many other reasons.  “Well over his allowance” he was .1 over not sure if that classifies as well over.   That’s on him and hopefully he is at a different stage in his career where he won’t have to worry about that anymore.  

Stoney? The same 1 that fought my team mate matt jagger's years ago? 

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On 10/25/2019 at 8:22 AM, Stoney Hayhurst said:

Yes that was the younger and skinnier version of me lol

My brother wrestled you a few times. You destroyed him. (Moxley, Central)

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