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2019 UWW Cadet and U23 Nationals

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Zeltzer and Goin both lose to the #1 seed and fall to consolations.

Boarmen, Mis, and Mendez all in the same bracket... Mendez in the semis. Mis went down in the RD16 LB. 

Allred drops a quarterfinals match 10-7.


Joe Walker of Mishawaka beats Jacob Covaciu of IU in the round of 16. Covac was the 4 seed. Did Walker just graduate high school? Huge win for him. Harvey of Army is in this weight as well as the 2 seed.

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2 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

Walker still has a year of high school left.

Cooper Noehre had a solid run at 74kg wrestling against a bunch of college guys.

And Drew Hughes MSU and former Indiana state champ was in the weight class too.. What a tournament for Walker.


1 hour ago, smitty11 said:

Mendez with a win over #3 Serrano at 138.  Mendez hit a 5 point throw midway thru the 1st period won 7-7.  Puts him in the finals.

Mendez wins the finals!

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Another really strong showing by the Indiana boys! Congrats to Mendez, and all the guys. This following IN getting 30% of the junior world team and 20% of the cadet pan am team, and an overall great performance at both the open and wtt. This is the golden age of IN wrestling.

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