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IHSWCA Team State Vote -In

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Team State Committee

April 18th, 2019

Greg Ratliff-Edgewood High School/IHSWCA President
Josh Holden- Greenfield-Central High School/ IHSWCA Vice-President Elect

Sam Riesen- East Noble High School/ IHSWCA Secretary
Tyson Skinner- Madison High School/ IHSWCA Former President
Eric Myers- Jay County High School
Alex Johns- New Palestine High School
Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings coordinator*

Mike Reiser- Indianamat Individual Rankings Coordinator*
* Voting member, unavailable for debate/discussion



Vote-In #1 Prairie Heights

Vote-In #2 Eastern (Greentown)

Alternative- Bluffton



Vote-in #1 Bellmont

Vote-in #2 Garrett

Alternative- Edgewood

*Greg Ratliff and Dane Fueling abstained from voting due to their teams being involved in the voting.



Vote-In #1 Avon

Vote-In #2 Mishawaka

Alternative- Hobart

Discussion (2020-2021 Tournament)

Classes and Number of teams- discussed possibility of change from current 12 team/ 3 Class event to 8 team/4 class

Division of classes- Would classes be divided evenly? Would a 32 team superclass be used for class 4A? Other options

Format- Use of pools, brackets format was discussed.

Location/ Number of mats- discussion of number of mats and location of the event took place.

Final decisions were tabled until a later date.

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