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US Open Entries with Indiana ties

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They're still going tonight....

@61kg Colin Poynter and Trey McCartney had byes in the first consi round and each won their next match.  They will face each other in the next Cons Round 16 #1.

@70 kg Matt Lee picks up a win over Bryce Andonian.  It shows no score and FloArena shows code VFO.  I'm guessing Forfeit?

@74kg Kasper McIntosh won his first consi match 21-11 and lost the next to James Noel 10-0.  The loss eliminates him.

@86kg Thomas Penola won his first match 14-4 and advances to the Round of 16 against 5-seed Jack Jessen of Northwestern.

Lucas Davison, Noah Cressell and Brandon Streck are slated to wrestle in the Round of 16.

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Posted (edited)

Big win for B. Lee over J. Teemer in the semi’s.  Score was 9-9 but Lee has criteria from a 4pt move early in the match. He will advance to Junior Freestyle finals vs. an old rival S. Saso.  

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Posted (edited)

B. Lee takes the runner-up spot.  Sasso with takedown then converted to a nasty leg lace that just racked up the rest of the points for a 10-0 win. 


Lucas Davison take the Junior Open title though with a 6-3 win in his match.  He has earn a finals spot for the Junior World Team Trials. 


Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but for anyone wondering the age groups for international Juniors is different than US Juniors.  It usually includes older HS wrestlers through younger college level guys. 

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Final US Open Placers with Indiana ties
Senior Freestyle
Riley Lefever 6th at 92kg
Ben Harvey 7th at 79kg
*Both qualify for World Team Trials on May 18th in Raleigh, NC

Junior Freestyle
Lucas Davison 1st at 92kg
Brayton Lee 2nd at 70kg
Thomas Penola 6th at 86kg
*Davison now is automatically in the best of three finals

Senior Women
Kayla Miracle 1st at 62kg
*Miracle gets a bye into the WTT finals best of three. If she wins that she will advance to Final X

Nick Hull 1st
Jordin Humphrey 1st in freestyle and Greco

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Y2 or anyone else, can you break down the format to earn an Olympic spot?


so there is WTT tournament. Winner of the tournament faces the person who had a bye. The winner of that goes to final x? Against who? 

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Final X
If you are a World medalist you automatically advance to Final X. In freestyle Colon, Burroughs, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder, and Gwiz all qualified this way.
If there is no World medalist in your weight the US Open champion goes to Final X. In freestyle Fix, Yianni, and Deakin all qualified this way.

US Open and other qualifiers
Wrestlers qualify for the World Team Trials by placing top 7 at the US Open or via other qualifiers. Those include being a current NCAA champ, previous World medalist, highest placing American at the Dave Schultz, etc.

World Team Trials
The WTT will determine the second person at each weight for Final X.
If there is a World medalist in your weight the US Open champion has a bye to the finals on Sunday. For instance Bo Nickal, Kyven Gadson, etc are already in the finals for Sunday's best of 3 format. To determine the opponent there will be a bracketed tournament on Saturday with the winner facing the person who is sitting out. 
If there is no medalist there will be a bracketed tournament and the finals of the bracket will be best of 3 on Sunday.

Saturday's wrestling will be a bracketed format with usually 8-12 wrestlers competing. On Sunday it is just the best of 3 finals that will take place. Note that not only are Final X spots on the line there is also a National Team spot on the line which is the top 3 at each weight. Being on the National Team gets you paid(a little) and advantages for camps and travel overseas.

Everyone wrestling needs to make scratch weight both days, that includes the ones with byes to Sunday. 


Flo put out their projected seeds with who has qualified and who is expected to attend. There is one more qualifier this weekend that will allow one more wrestler to enter WTT.

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