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Southern Indiana Junior High Athletic Conference Tournament

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Mt. Vernon wins the SIJHAC Conference Tournament for the 3rd straight year.


Team Scores:

Mt. Vernon 282.5

Jasper 217

Boonville 184

Vincennes 158.5

Castle North 149

Washington 98

Princeton 87

Castle South 69



Individual Results for Mt. Vernon:


80lbs Jayden Stillwagoner

85lbs Colten Schneider

90lbs Julian Dickinson

95lbs Chandler Middleton

105lbs Christopher Bellew

110lbs Mason Suits

125lbs Colton Lippe

130lbs Lucas Michel

155lbs Hannah West



100lbs Jarrett Dye

115lbs Matthew Michel


3rd place:

135lbs Ethan Yarber

165lbs Hunter Elderkin


4th place:

175lbs Ben Powell

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