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Fantasy Wrestling Results

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Sorry it took so long, some things take longer than you would like (including going through every wrestler on Track Wrestling to get their scoring contribution), but here are the results for my fantasy wrestling side project.


Some notes:

  • I appreciate Everyone who gave feedback. I plan to do this again and I will certainly take all feedback into consideration.


  • I wish I had more time to do some more analysis on teams and wrestlers, but I can't right now (I may add a comment later if I find the time) What I found for now is:
    •  L. Aiken at 220 was the best bang for your buck (unless I missed someone). 
      • 7 out of the top 10 teams had L.Aiken
    • 11 of the top 12 teams included K. Montgomery at 120
    • The top team in the state tournament (Cathedral) would have placed 72nd in this competition
    • Average team score was about 83 with a standard deviation of about 19.4. (average is about where I wanted it, but more variance always makes it more exciting

  • I might do a similar set up for the NCAA tournament coming up, but I have an idea that may make it easier and possibly more enjoyable for everyone

  • The simulation that I coded for the state tournament predicted the exact outcome for the heavyweight bracket 12 times which was probably the least likely of all 14 (I've only checked a few)
    • D. Keys won about 11% of the simulated brackets and won about 48% of the times he made it to the finals.
    • next year, I plant to improve this simulation (or at least try to)

  • I did not do tie breaker criteria, so there are ties (a lot actually)
    • I'll take  the blame for the amount of ties, the budget was lower than I meant for it to be, but by the time I realized, it was too late, and the abundance of DNP's lowered the variation

  • There were some issues with bracket changes this year, but those cannot be avoided. Thank you for dealing with those and letting me know

  • There were some other issues with the process of collecting and analyzing teams and their scores, i plan to find a better way to do all of this next time.

Thanks for welcoming my little experiment and thank you to everyone who took part! Can't wait til next time!!



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1 hour ago, Mattyb said:

Well... going to celebrate my big win today with a sandwich! 

@Mattybseriously you eat PB&J every.... single..... day. Notorious isn’t surprised with your celebration. Ain’t no wonder you got a family of raccoons living under your deck pigging out on your left over Jiffy jars, and Welches as a sweet treat  opppssss I meant .... Cases . Now to think about it . ain’t no wonder why you didn’t let me lift that cover, all I seen was a skid in your garage . Must of been your Stash, raccoons must of broke in and found it. Amirite ? @UncleJimmy Congrats! 

Well at least I beat @UncleJimmy, take that Penn Lover ! 


The Notorious 


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