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Coach Peckinpaugh's Awesome Poem

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A great time at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony today (kudos to HoF direct Scott Schwarz and the IHSWCA executive staff).) Great to hear the stories about the inductees and what they have done to build our great sport. I will be forever indebted to all those who helped me along the way. Special thanks to Coach Rex Peckinpaugh for his touching induction speech for me. Rex shared a poem he wrote about the rivalry and enduring friendships between coaches and I wanted to share it with all of you.Thanks, Rex, I love you, brother.

I look across the mat

And I see a friend

I see a man who has toiled like I

And never gives up until the end


I see a man who is a leader

One that I certainly have admired

I see a guy who I know keeps going

Even at times when he is oh so tired


I see a man who I want to beat

But one I love just the same

A man I have struggled against

In this crazy coaching game


I see a friend I have cried with

One I have laughed with as well

A man who I know if I needed him

Would always answer the bell


I see a friend over there

In that corner across the way

I see a brother I have fought with

But one I will love till my dying day.

                               --Rex Peckinpaugh      2/2019

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Thanks, I loved the poem.  

I greatly appreciate those men in the corners, for all their sacrifices, for all they pour into the sport and into the young men they are influencing.  I know I loved my wrestling coach.  He probably did not know how great a positive influence he had on my life.  And I suspect great men like Coach Cloud and Coach Peck and Coach Tonte and many others like them also may not fully realize how far and deep their influence will go.  

But there are indeed sacrifices and frustrations, etc., that only those in the profession can completely appreciate.  So I’m sure there truely must be a deep feeling of comraderie between them.

Thank you all.

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