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Caleb Spires

2016 106 lbs wrapped up

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While digging through old brackets last summer, there was one that really caught my eye in the talent level. Since not everybody from the bracket had gone through their senior years yet, I decided I’d wait until their senior seasons were over to gauge just how insanely talented the 2016 106 lb weight class ended up being. Since they added onto their accomplishments last night, here is what we got when it’s all said and done.


1: Asa Garcia(1st, 3rd, 1st, 1st)

2: Keyuan Murphy(X, X, SQ, 2nd)

3: Ty Mills(2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd)

4: Kory Cavanaugh(X, Q, 4th, 6th)

5: Sam Fair(5th, INJ, 2nd, Q)

6: Hunter Watts(6th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd)

7: Brayden Curtis(7th, 1st, 1st, 4th)

8: Jacob Moran(8th, N/A, 1st, 1st)

Q: Lukasz Walendzak(Q, X, 4th, 8th)

Q: Jose Diaz(X, Q, 8th, 8th)

Q: Tanner DeMien(7th, Q, Q, Q)

Q: Devon Casebolt(Q, X, 6th, X)

Q: Gavin Rose(Q, 7th, X, INJ)

Q: Brycen Denny(X, Q, X, 8th)

Q: JC Herring(X, X, Q, Q)

Q: Trey McCartney(X, Q, X, X)


Between that state bracket, adding previous and future accomplishment, those 16 wrestlers managed to produce;

46 State qualifications

32 State medals

20 semi-finals appearances

13 finals matches

8 state championships


That alone is incredible. But what do the numbers look like when we add in the semi-State qualifiers who didn’t make it to the championships?


X: Cayden Rooks(X, 1st, 2nd, 1st)

X: Andrew Black(X, 2nd, 2nd, N/A)

X: Brock Peele(X, 4th, 7th, Q)

X: Seth Johnson(X, 4th, X, 8th)

X: Fernando Flores(X, X, Q, 6th)

X: Logan Stephenson(X, X, X, 7th)

X: Andres Moreno(X, X, 7th, X)

X: Tanner Schoeff(X, Q, Q, Q)

X: Kade Zadylak(X, INJ, Q, Q)

X: Logan Mosser(X, X, Q, Q)

X: Brayden Shearer(X, X, Q, Q)

X: Joe Just(X, X, Q, Q)

X: Jake Armstrong(X, Q, X, Q)

X: Alexander Streuder(Q, X, X, Q)

X: Clay Egli(X, X, X, Q)

X: Wyatt Miller(X, X, X, Q)

X: Ben Streeter(X, X, Q, X)

X: Harrison Hadley(X, X, Q, X)


79 state qualifications

44 state medals

27 semi-finals appearances

18 finals matches

10 state championships


That is 34 wrestlers who managed at least one state qualification. Over half of the semi-state qualifiers from that year managed to make it out at some point. Adding in wrestlers who didn’t even make it to/out of regionals that year….


X: Chase Wilkerson(X, X, Q, 7th)

X: Evan Beasley(X, X, X, 7th)

X: Kyle Holman(X, X, X, 6th)

X: Danny Tolin(X, Q, Q, X)

X: Colin Reagan(X, Q, Q, X)

X: Alex Petro(X, Q, Q, N/A)

X: Martin Cruz(X, X, X, Q)

X: Evan Burge(X, X, X, Q)

X: Noah Gardner(X, X, Q, X)

X: Chris Schuller(X, Q, X, X)


93 state qualifications

47 state medals

27 semi-finals appearances

18 finals matches

10 state championship


Quite a talented group of kids. I’m sure the 106 weight class usually produces the most future talent compared to other weight classes, but even so, this seems to be substantial. Seven wrestlers have already committed to wrestling D1, in addition to multiple other college signings. Congrats to all of these kids on great careers.


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